What muscles are developed by swimming

What muscles are developed by swimming

Swimming – one of the best ways to give uniform loading to all groups of muscles at once, to all organism. At regular trainings the swimming excellently adjusts and balances the figure.

Swimming and correction of the figure

In general swimming – fine (and in addition pleasant) the way to support the body in shape. However, if you want to develop the good muscular relief, there will be not enough one swimming. At swimmers shoulders and hands are usually excellently developed, however it is result not only trainings in the pool, but also long additional loadings. Athletes-swimmers usually are engaged in run much, train on exercise machines.

By the way, for this reason for girls it is hardly worth worrying that excessive interest in swimming can distort allegedly the figure and make it less womanly. Swimming allows to be in good shape, to burn excess calories, improves the general tone of the organism and strengthens muscle tissues. But it doesn't give the strong growth of muscles.

The main muscles working when swimming

During swimming all sgibatel and razgibatel of the forearm are involved. Also the muscles which are responsible for bending and extension with the foot, hips, knees work. Besides, muscles of shoulders (including rotators, deltas, big round and small round shoulder muscles), forearms (the plecheluchevy, two-headed and bringing muscles), the back (the widest, trapezoid, diamond-shaped), buttocks, the prelum abdominale develop.

Breast stroke

Breast stroke – one of the lightest styles of swimming. If you only begin to be engaged in the pool or only prepare for serious exercise stresses, it is necessary to begin with the breast stroke. The breast stroke evenly develops all groups of muscles of the shoulder girdle, including the deltoid muscle, the trapezoid muscle of the back and tricepses. Muscles of legs also work evenly.

As a result of occupations the breast stroke is adjusted by swimming in style the figure and the bearing, breath is corrected.


Swimming by the crawl takes away much more energy and forces, than the previous style. It is more white is difficult performed by and means faster pace. It is recommended to start it only after your muscles adapt and will get used to primary loading after swimming by the breast stroke.

Butterfly stroke

When swimming by butterfly stroke muscles of the shoulder girdle, the back, the breast, hips, shins and buttocks develop.

Butterfly stroke – one of the physically heaviest styles. It gives very serious load of muscles. The heaviest in this style – mismatch of movements of hands and legs. However this feature also gives the greatest loading, allowing to adjust the figure, to burn subcutaneous fat, to stretch sheaves.

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