What was demanded by the Ukrainian activists from the IOC

What was demanded by the Ukrainian activists from the IOC

The Ukrainian women's movement of Femen is known the outrageous actions. Didn't ignore the activist of this organization by the and London duringduring the Olympic Games.

The place for holding another action of Femen was chosen populous. This time girls gathered near the well-known Tower Bridge. Four Ukrainians in a flash turned out topless and arranged the "Arab marathon", crying out at the same time offensive slogans to the International Olympic Committee. However, long it wasn't succeeded to make the protest to the Femen organization. Shortly activists were detained by the English police officers.

Femen have several tasks which performance they also try to reach by so unusual methods. The Ukrainian girls in protection of women's rights, against sexual harassments and prostitution fight. Actions for freedom of speech are carried out. The part of performances of girls on public was for political motives. At the London Olympic Games the Ukrainian activists demanded from the IOC to forbid officially participation in competitions to the countries in which laws of Sharia work. To achieve it, girls decided to bare the breast, previously having written on it the slogans turned to the IOC.

According to participants of Femen, the International Olympic Committee makes advances to radical Islamism, allowing sportswomen to participate from the Arab countries in the Olympic Games while on their Rhodinum the woman can be thrown stones. Femen considers that the governments of the Muslim countries, sending the sportswomen to the Olympic Games, mark mass executions of powerless women which happen in their countries. No real changes to the best in position of the woman in the Islamic world happen. The Ukrainian activists consider that it is inadmissible, and urge heads of the IOC to condemn officially violence in relation to Muslims as it is contrary to the Olympic principles of the world and lack of discrimination including on gender sign.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team