Lake Apshinets

Lake Apshinets

lake Apshinets is incredible beauty the lake which proceeds on remarkable slopes of Ridge Svidovets. Height of the lake is 1490 meters above sea level with a length only 125 meters. In the form the lake round, occupies the space more than 1.2 hectares.

It is considered that this reservoir cannot be characterized only words, its purity, bright gloss in which it is possible to see own reflection, entice passersby. All water flow in the lake supports at the expense of the stream proceeding in West side from the lake. This water stream forms the small Apshinets Rivulet. In summertime the water temperature is up to 12 degrees that not really is pleasant to vacationers. There is an opinion that the lake was formed as a result of split of a glacier.

Now the southwest part of the lake turned into the small swamp. A reservoir bottom saturated various microorganisms which represent all water inhabitants of this natural object. Besides, the sedge and different types mosses grows in the lake. The special attention is drawn by the northern coast as here as if all grassy plants were weaved in dance. It is not surprising that in summertime here tents often establish that jotas for couple of days to stay in an environment of a matchless natural resource. It seems that the nature every day in a new way comes to life and revives in each floret and a leaf.

As it was already told, Ridge Svidovets from where the magnificent panorama to the Carpathians opens nearby is located. Young travelers often suit campaigns along the route including Ridge Svidovets and also mountains which are located close with the lake. Surrounding flora and fauna very rare therefore it can admire only in summertime as all territory of the lake is included into the Apshinetsky wildlife area.

In winter time the lake looks not less attractively in spite of the fact that completely freezes. During this period the overall picture is supplemented by the trees covered with snow which create a unique landscape. He can often be met in pictures and cloths of local artists. Certainly, it is impossible to describe all local nature of the lake completely. It is necessary to see everything to inhale and enjoy true terrestrial beauty. Most of fans of adventures comes here to observe tenderness of a lilac decline, to fill itself with aroma of gentle herbs, to appreciate infinity of mountain tops.

Is to Transcarpathia not only mountain lakes, but also for example salty resort, such as in Solotvino, also to visit the mountain the Priest Ivan in Chernogorsk the ridge

The author of article, the representative of the Lifegid group was at the time on the lake Apshinets and advises you to pay attention to blueness, unusual to water, and also the smoothness of a bottom reminding the home bathroom.

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