Virgin Komi Forests (Russia)

Komi Forests are the most attractive natural massif in the whole Europe. Territorially they cover a northeast part of the Komi Republic. Now exactly here the wild nature is presented to us in the original form, without change of the person.

The favorable geographical location, remoteness from industrial zones, promotes what the woods of Komi actively sprout in the Pechero-Ilychsky reserve. This natural object was created in the 1930th year and occupies the space 721. thousands of hectare. All these creations are of huge value for judges of fine. Here the vendace, a perch, a nelma, fish Zherekh lives.

Especially the fact that here cultivate elks draws attention. Such animals are very hardy and can easily adapt in life in a taiga, used them as the vehicle. And after began to use in operation snowmobiles, such activity lost the relevance. But it is important to note that moose milk treats for various diseases.

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The hallmark of Komi consider picturesque Mountains Salya and Kolokolnya. Carry to this number also water resources: Kodim and Chugur Rivers. The last is translated as light water. It covers the territory of the Subpolar Urals. Its tops were created for many years. The huge part of the territory is occupied by the woods where sprout such trees: Siberian pine, cedar, fir, fir-tree.

It would be desirable to tell that Virgin Komi Forests positively influence development of the environment as they can regulate a climatic state, resist to strong winds, shelter under the branches hi birds. In this territory sprouts more than 600 species of herbs and flowers. Most of them are rare in own way therefore are protected by the law and are included in the Red List of Russia. Vudsiya Alpiyskaya, the Rhodiola Pink, Miunartion Gelda and durgy treats this number.

In local forests the typical taiga fauna prevails. More than 40 species of mammals are found: muskrat, brown bear, glutton, fox, reindeer, sable and others. Concerning birds, here it is possible to meet more than 200 types, including a golden eagle, Sapsan, a skopa, a sea eagle. To keep a full-fledged natural complex in the territory of the woods of Komi it is not allowed to carry out industrial activity or other sort of occupation which can do much harm the ecological value of the reserved territory.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team