Border Collie: description and characteristics of breed

Border Collie: description and characteristics of breed

Border Collie – the beautiful, harmoniously put dog and the beautiful partner. The breed does not concern the most widespread, but all owners are sure - it is one of the best options for the maintenance of the house. High intelligence, good learning ability and simple leaving – here the main advantages of this sociable, clever and cheerful dog.

History of breed

The ordinary watchdogs helping the owner of a mouth of sheep are considered as primogenitors of breed. The first owners did not pay special attention to appearance of pets, giving preference to their working qualities. To cultivation there were bright, hardy, quickly trained metises with good health. The first officially registered Border Collie the dog Hemp, a hybrid long-haired a collie and domestic dogs is considered. Owners noted high working qualities of Hemp and his intellectual potential and began to knit it with suitable boughs. The majority of puppies inherited qualities of the father. Dogs had quite various appearance, differing in a color and length of wool. However they had also common features – the average sizes, the compact case, slightly pointed muzzle.

The breed was removed in Great Britain and Scotland, it intended for work in rural areas. Dogs have to beat to help to graze sheep, to protect them from predators, to replace the owner at a stage of flocks. Purposeful selection work began in 1915 after representatives of new breed began to win regularly at exhibitions of working dogs. Owners began to pay attention to an exterior, but working qualities of posterity nevertheless remained on the first place. Thanking it puppies became very popular, they were analyzed willingly by farmers, inducing selectors to work on breed more intensively. The main standards were recorded in 1963, Border Collies were brought in the International club of shepherd's breeds.

Appearance: description of breed

Typical representatives of breed differ in rather not striking appearance, according to the layman they can seem ordinary mongrels. However the breed has tough standards to which manufacturers strictly adhere. Among the main:

  • height of dogs is 48-56 cm in withers, a bough – 46-53 cm;
  • the weight of dogs is 14-20 kg, a bough – 12-19 kg;
  • constitution moderately strong, proportional;
  • the body which is not too extended, rectangular.

Reference books describe a Border Collie as a harmonious, graceful, strong dog with excellent health. The compact sizes and moderate weight make her suitable both for city, and for rural contents. Too small or excessively tall dogs and boughs do not go to cultivation.

Standards of breed include the following items:

  • Wide, moderately convex, the nape is smoothed. The expressed transition from a forehead to a nose back. The cheekbones developed, but not convex, cheeks should not be involved or too fleshy. A wide muzzle, but not square, narrowed to a lobe of a nose and slightly rounded off. Strong teeth, white, the nozhnitseobrazny bite is obligatory.
  • The nose lobe wide, color depends on a color of a dog, it can be black, brown or blue.
  • Oval eyes, average size, landing moderately deep. Color of an iris can be light - or dark brown, dogs of a marble color can have blue eyes (one or both).
  • Triangular ears, mobile, highly put, the average size. Posts semi-standing or standing.
  • The rectangular case extended harmonious outlines. A broad chest, with convex edges, the back which is slightly falling to a tail. A well-muscled body, with a strong waist and the extended croup.   
  • Volume and magnificent, length to skakatelny joints, in the lower part creates an easy curl. In a quiet state the tail falls or rushes level with a back, in the worker rises, but is not lifted up on a croup.

Very much length, density and a color of wool is important. The thoroughbred Border Collie has to be "well dressed", wool can be smooth or moderately long. Long-haired dogs differ in a magnificent collar on a neck and peculiar "trousers" on hinder legs.     

Except long ostevy hair the dogs have a dense dense underfur forming a heavy, dense, uniform woolen cover. On a muzzle, ears, the lower part of paws wool short, on the back of legs the long "feathers" which are not considered as defect are possible.

The majority of a Border Collie have a two-color color with impurity white, however according to standards of breed it should not prevail. Among the most widespread colors:

  • brown or chocolate with white spots or light red podpala;
  • black and subdead or black with white spots;
  • the blue or marble, creating effect of easy ripples on wool.

Features of character: pluses and minuses

The main characteristic of a Border Collie – hyperactivity. These dogs are extremely mobile, they need intensive trainings, long jogs and frequent walks. At restriction of the movement the pets are depressed, become uncontrollable and can even get sick.

Dogs are very friendly, they perfectly get on with children, without problems get on with pets: cats, rodents, birds, dogs of other breeds. For the child of a Border Collie will become the good nurse, the security guard and the partner. However before trusting the pet of the kid, it is necessary to conduct the general course of training and to teach a dog correctly to react to teams.

Manufacturers note high intelligence of representatives of breed. Puppies and adult dogs quickly study, obey both the owner, and members of his family. Pets are not aggressive, but react to strangers watchfully. The dog will not be suitable for hunting, but will perfectly play a role of the partner, observer, security guard. Border Collies are non-conflicting, they prefer not to get involved in fights, bite in extremely exceptional cases. Dogs are not inclined to escapes, to chain them or it is not recommended to contain in the open-air cage.

Despite a set of pluses, the dog has also shortcomings. The Border Collie should not be got to the people not ready to long walk the pet, to play with it and to be engaged in training. The dog should be borrowed constantly, suggesting it to search for objects, to study various tricks. If not to pay to the pet attention, he will look for entertainments independently, and it can lead to damage of furniture and other troubles. Representatives of this breed badly feel in close city apartments. It is better for them to live in a country house with the big fenced site.

Leaving and maintenance

Border Collies are unpretentious, differ in good appetite. It is preferable to feed them with the ready-made feeds of premium category addressed to dogs of the average size and high activity. The balanced food will provide an organism with the necessary amount of animal protein, vitamins, minerals. Those who prefers to cook food to a dog independently need to watch that food was rather high-calorie, but did not contain excess fats, plain carbohydrates, salt, sugar and spices. At improper feeding hair of dogs will suffer, animals will put on weight that is harmful to joints.

Hair of dogs dense, smooth, it does not detain dirt and does not need constant washing. After walks it is enough to wipe a collie of a paw, it is necessary to wash it not more often than 3 times a year. In intervals the pets comb out a rigid brush, it is especially important in the period of a seasonal molt.

Active dogs it is regularly necessary to impart, time 3 months give them medicines from intestinal parasites. In warm season of a dog protect from fleas and ticks by means of special sprays and collars.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team