How to build the stable

How to build the stable

For horses only real experts of horse breeding can build the good house. The main thing in this case is to create the competent plan of the stable. It is the best of all to charge planning to the experienced designer. It is important to owner of horses to master the basic principles allowing to build correctly the stable.

It is required to you

  • The good plan of the stable taking into account features of the area and number of horses
  • Material for walls taking into account climatic conditions
  • Laying from waterproof materials
  • Fire resistant material for a roof
  • Boards for a ceiling and lubricant-heater
  • Suitable material for floors
  • Rubber mats
  • Laying from winter straw, peat or sawdust
  • Lamps with a moisture-proof plafond
  • High doors and windows
  • Good ventilation
  • Additional materials and the equipment according to the individual plan of the stable
  • Consultation of the expert


1. Choose the dry place for the stable that ground waters were low. It is possible to make the house for horses log, adobe, brick, etc. The main thing your task is to build the spacious, warm and dry room. In cold areas it is possible to warm walls laying from waterproof materials.

2. Make a roof (of a tile, Teso, steel, roofing shaving, etc.) which will not proceed. It has to be resistant to the fires. Surely make a slope for a water drain, and the roof edge - speakers a little more than a meter from each party. So the internal room of the stable will be in addition protected from precipitation. At construction of the horse house it is recommended to do a roof a little more than two meters high to eaves.

3. Choose for a ceiling thick boards (about 5 cm in thickness) and put them very densely. From above - lubricant from clay and sand, a layer of dry sawdust and several centimeters of the earth. Also add cut straw or peat to lubricant. Usually ceilings to stables high: 2.8 - 2.6 meters depending on dimensions of horses.

4. Put floors a little under an inclination. For them choose material strong, doing not pass water. Horses should not slide on a floor! Often stables concrete or lay on a floor special mats from rubber. It is considered that under horses it is the best of all to enclose winter straw, sawdust or brown peat. Thresholds in the stable are not necessary.

5. Arrange pass to the stable in the form of two-fold gate which swing open on the street. The horse has to pass freely through all doors therefore for them leave apertures approximately 2 meters high and 5 meters wide. Do not do acute-angled jambs because the animal can come across them.

6. Do not forget that sunlight is necessary for horses for constant production of vitamin D and a lot of fresh air. Each office of the stable has to be lit with high lamps with a waterproof plafond and also a window. Lift window openings on height more than a meter from a floor. It is considered that windows in the stable is necessary 1 square meter on 15 square meters of a floor.

7. Establish on a roof ventilating casings or on eaves – extracts because for good ventilation of the stable of some windows will be a little. Surely make the lower openings of air ducts over gutters - the heaviest evaporations will accumulate below. At all stages of construction surely consult with the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team