How to feed a cat with an urolithic disease

How to feed a cat with an urolithic disease

The urolithic disease – the most widespread disease of cats and cats if not to treat it, it can lead to a renal failure and even death of an animal. The diet is very important for treatment and prevention, it is necessary to feed a cat with an urolithic disease specially prepared dishes, many products are forbidden or undesirable.

It is required to you

  • - useful products;
  • - vitamins.


1. Try to refuse dry feeds. They serve as the cause of a disease in overwhelming number of cases, and transition from some to others (called "medical") will not bring to a cat benefit, and will only help to adapt to a disease (that, of course, not an exit).

2. If you after all give a special medical forage for cats with an urolithic disease, do not mix it with natural products and you watch that water always was in free access.

3. Do not give to a cat food from the table, especially fat, smoked, salty, sweet, dishes with onions, seasonings, garlic. Prepare especially for a cat – you cook vegetables with meat (60 – 70% of meat or forcemeat, 20 – 30% of vegetables and 10% of grain). Consider that vegetables approach not everything, optimum for health it is possible to call only cabbage, carrot, a squash, pumpkin and green beans.

4. Prepare for 2 – 3 days at once and you store food in the fridge. Before giving to a cat, warm to room temperature.

5. Sometimes you feed a cat with natural (crude) food: meat (except fat pork), chicken, hearts. From time to time give a liver. Divide all these products into portion pieces and you store in the freezer, defreezing every time on one portion. Scald meat boiled water and check once a month a cat for existence of worms.

6. Do not give to a cat food with bones (especially crude meat and fish) to avoid internal injuries.

7. Do not forget to give to a cat fermented milk products – kefir, cottage cheese. If the cat loves milk and well transfers it, from time to time indulge him a milk saucer.

8. At an urolithic disease completely exclude from a diet fish and all seafood (squids, shrimps, etc.).

9. If the cat does not eat the food cooked by you, do not worry. Cats – predators and a hunger strike during the day will do them only good (but no more than two days). Put healthy food on the place allocated for feeding and do not listen to the indignant cries.

10. Surely give to a cat vitamins as it is difficult to receive a full complex from natural food. Cats need vitamin A, calcium, amino acids taurine and arginine. Choose a special vitamin complex for the cats suffering an urolithic disease.

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