How to feed a kitten

How to feed a kitten

When in the house the little kitten appears, before owners often there is a question: "How it is correct to feed such crumb?" Often kittens "tear off" from mother at the age of 3-4 weeks when he is not able to eat itself yet, and all cares of feeding of a kitten fall on his owner. In that case it is necessary correctly to accustom a kitten to eat independently.


1. Appoint to the pet healthy nutrition. At the age of several weeks, dairy mix is still necessary for a kitten. But it is already possible to add to its diet and firm products - an abrupt yolk, cottage cheese, squashes, fish, cheese and meat.

2. Put near a bowl for food one more - for water. Except food the kitten also needs also water. Not milk, and usual clear water or very weak tea. In to the nature cats eat mice who for 80% consist of water. Therefore water can not be necessary for a wild kitten, and for house is simply necessary. The bowl has to be convenient and rather deep, but such that the kid could not choke.

3. To show to a kitten what is in a bowl, run a wet finger over its nose. If the kid becomes interested - he will try to drink.

4. Constantly change water and you watch purity of bowls. The kitten needs only clear water and fresh food. Water needs to be changed daily, and not only to devastate bowls, but also it is obligatory to wash.

5. Begin feeding with firm products with liquid semolina porridge on milk without sugar. It is necessary to cook it not on whole milk, and on a third diluted with water. Consistence of such squash - as at liquid sour cream.

6. Dip a finger in porridge and let's a kitten lick. He will try out taste and will try to eat. When the cat begins to eat independently, he can dip a nose into a bowl too. Therefore spread porridge on a saucer a thin layer that the kid did not choke. Gradually consistence of porridge do more dense. When the kitten masters semolina porridge - enter rice and buckwheat squashes into his diet. At first crush grain in the coffee grinder, gradually you pass to whole porridges.

7. Meat and low-fat grades of fish should be razvarivat and crushed to a condition of puree. The boiled yolk and cheese needs to be crushed too that the kid could not choke on large crumbs.

8. You enter vegetables into a kitten diet. They should be given crude, in a grated look.

9. If necessary transfer a kitten to ready-made feeds. That the kitten began to eat a dry feed, at first fill in granules with warm water and let's stand that they were softened. When the kitten tries out taste of a dry feed, gradually replace the softened forage dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team