How to teach an adult dog to teams

How to teach an adult dog to teams

Of course, it is better if training of a dog in necessary teams and skills of behavior happens at early age. But even if the untrained dog got to your house already rather adult, it does not mean that training is impossible. In this case the motivation on delicacy or a toy works not always therefore you should master the modern methods based on beznasilstvenny impact on an animal.

It is required to you

  • Clicker


1. If the dog got to you recently, do not hurry with training, wait that there passed some time and she got used, accustomed to the house and began to trust you. Begin training in teams only after between you the contact is come, stock up with patience and love.

2. Study modern techniques of training which deny use of a contrast method of training when for correctly executed command the dog is promoted, and for the wrong performance – punishment or even pain. Such methods assume use of the strict collars and other tools hurting to an animal. It conducts to the fact that training of a dog is accompanied by a constant stress for it.

3. Modern methods of training are based on the principle "incentive reaction" which follows from I.P. Pavlov's doctrine. He allows to teach an adult dog to teams, developing a conditioned reflex on the basis of congenital, unconditioned reflexes: defensive, food, approximate. For development get from your pet of a conditioned reflex in pet-shop a clicker – a small metal or plastic box on which when pressing the silent click sounds.

4. Working off of each team begin houses, when there is no distracting factors. In 2-3 days move occupation to the street. You watch that at the time of issuing the command a dog the attention of a dog was concentrated on you. Giving the command, you watch behavior of "pupil". As soon as the command is executed correctly, quickly click a clicker and immediately give to a dog encouragement. It develops a conditioned reflex: the correct command execution – click of a clicker – delicacy.

5. When the dog makes a certain progress, add the distracting factors during the classes. If during command execution the dog distracts, do not punish her – press a clicker, drawing her attention. Then repeat team and achieve its performance, having awarded with delicacy. The dog quickly will understand that obedience is well stimulated. As soon as the reflex is developed, the clicker will not become necessary to you.

6. You give classes with a dog one couple of hours prior to feeding and in 2-3 hours after it, at different times day. Fulfill and fix teams in a complex – on some at the same time. Working off of teams should not last more than 10 minutes that the dog not too got tired, repeat one reception no more than 3-5 times. Begin occupation with working off of new team, then repeat with it that are already familiar. The dog, even adult, is quite capable to training, only for working off of teams and their assimilation it will need a little more time, than to a puppy.

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