How to teach to sing a kenar

How to teach to sing a kenar

Canaries are got usually because of their unique voice. Males of these birds are capable not only purely and it is very beautiful to sing, but also differ in great abilities of imitators. Kenara is able to copy titmouses, nightingales and many other birds, to imitate the human speech and even quite plausibly to copy musical melodies. But, certainly, in order that the bird learned all this, it is necessary to make certain efforts.

It is required to you

  • kenar, a bird teacher, an audio recording from songs, blackout of blue or green color


1. It is beautiful to sing ability at canaries it is descended. Therefore if you by all means want to receive in own order of feathery Pavarotti, be engaged in studying a family tree and buy only birds from the checked singers. However one heredity is not enough that abilities of your future performer developed properly to him training is necessary. in the nature birds is learned to be sung, imitating each other.

2. For a kenar it is necessary to get the teacher. It can be as more skilled kenar, and any other bird in which singing you want to train young talent. Chaffinches, titmouses, nightingales and common linnets will approach. Establish a cage with the teacher opposite to a cage with your bird so that him it was visible to the pupil. Training in singing needs to be provided in the separate room where it is the best of all to organize blue or green blackout.

3. It is the best of all to conduct lessons of singing in the mornings, and duration should not exceed them 45 minutes. In day of such lessons there have to be not less than three-four. Only in this case your feathery Pavarotti will be able to acquire all knowledge of skillful singing and to master skill pretty fast. By the way, if you have near at hand no suitable bird for training, for this purpose it is quite possible to use a qualitative audio recording. Rules remain the same here are duration no more than 45 minutes and regular repetitions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team