Rare animals of Siberia

Rare animals of Siberia

Siberia is the territory with the magnificent and rich nature. Here very rare animals live. However exploitation of natural resources of this region had rather strong negative impact on the environment of their dwelling, the number of many types decreased to critical figures.

The most part of fauna of Siberia is made by invertebrate animals – spiders, insects and other arthropods. Birds occur among vertebrata in the majority. It is a little less in this region of amphibians, reptiles, fishes and mammals.

Animals from the Red List

10 thousand species of insects live in Siberia, from them – 54 it is included in the Red List. One of the best-known – the large and bright butterfly Apollo meeting on Bugotaksky hills. From 78 species of mammals 19 are included in the Red List. Among them – the river beaver living on the northern Tara, Tartas Rivers in Ini's floodplain – the rivers of Cherepanovsky district. More than 300 species of various birds meet here too. From them on the Red List - 74 views. For example, heads the list of the most rare owls bearded neyasyt – one of the world's largest conceding in the sizes unless to an eagle owl. On the coast it is possible to see settlements of graceful sandpipers of shiloklyuvka. But the most rare species of sandpipers is a tonkoklyuvy curlew. One of the most beautiful birds of Siberia – the krasnozoby brent living in the tundra. In a word, there is a lot of rare birds. The rivers and the lakes of Siberia are filled by fish – here it is possible to see more than 30 of their versions. Are included in the Red List: Siberian grayling, taimen, nelma, muksun, Siberian sturgeon, sterlet.

Danger to rare animals

The most important danger to animals of Siberia is the illegal trade which is conducted poachers for the sake of financial benefit today. For example, they get a musk deer by means of the forbidden samolov in very large numbers for the purpose of musk sale. At the same time nobody pays attention that hunting for this animal is completely forbidden. Illegally without license by means of the forbidden means also marals and bears are got for resale. Catch here also badgers, groundhogs, fur animals, capricorns. By the way, quite often poachers do not even take away with themselves a carcass of the killed of animals. They only carry away with themselves what interests them: at bears – paws, bile, fat and a skin, at marals – bones and punts, at groundhogs and badgers – fat. They pay attention as well on such exclusive trophies as horns argat or a skin of a leopard. However the most "terrible" people – those who kill these animals because of love for hunting.

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