That for an animal a zebra

That for an animal a zebra

She is called "a horse in a sailor suit", it looks very friendly, however you should not try to stroke it: temper at it wild, and teeth – strong. Of course, it is about a zebra. Zebras are the only close relatives to the well-known horses of Przhevalsky.

Why to a zebra striped skin?

The zebra is a little striped horse. Its second name – "horse in a sailor suit". It is curious that the outstanding black-and-white skin of a zebra is not camouflage and even not patronizing coloring. Modern zoologists came to such conclusion. However scientists cannot still explain why the zebra needs such unique coloring. However, among researchers there is one version: allegedly according to the unique drawing of strips of a zebra can distinguish each other. It should be noted that it – only the assumption.

What zebras are?

Now on Earth only three species of zebras remained: mountain, savanna, desert. Zebras mastered only the African open spaces, but it to them is quite enough – the zone of their natural dwelling is quite big! For example, desert zebras are found only in territories of droughty areas: in Ethiopia, in Kenya, in Somalia. This species of "fin whales" is well adapted for dwelling in adverse conditions in the absence of water and food. They with firmness transfer heat and a heat.

The smallest species of "horses in sailor suits" are mountain zebras. They live in the territory of South West Africa and in Angola. Unfortunately, mountain zebras are an endangered species of animals therefore are included in the Red List. Now their number does not exceed 700 individuals. The most widespread species of these horses is savanna (or a burchellova) the zebra. She is widespread in savannas in the South and the East of Africa.

Way of life of savanna zebras

Unfortunately, the soil in savannas is poor in the nutrients therefore the main food of savanna zebras are bushes, undersized trees and a grass. These plants make the main food allowance of these animals. To striped horses it is always vital to be near a watering place as between rainy seasons the African earth has property completely to dry up. If the zebra wants to drink, and there is no water nearby, then she will not be too lazy to dig a hoof a small pole well. To define, where exactly in the soil water hides, it is helped by keen sense of smell. Most often zebras, as well as ordinary horses, keep herds. Zoologists note that quite often lonely zebras can adjoin herd of giraffes as one by one they are defenseless creations. The main enemies of all zebras without exception are lions. Among other enemies the hyenas and crocodiles attacking zebras from reservoirs when those come nearer to satisfy the thirst are registered. Any herd of these African horses cannot do without the leader exercising "the general control" over the others. Families at zebras remind a harem: they consist of several females and one male. It is curious that males never and with anybody do not share the harem.

Interesting about zebras

It is known that the most dangerous fly in the world under the name of a tsetse is found in Africa. But to zebras it is not terrible at all! The fact is that zebras are the only animals whom never and under no circumstances the tsetse fly attacks. And all thanks to specific black-and-white color of the skin. The tsetse fly is simply not able to perceive a striped artiodactyl animal as a live object as black-and-white strips create visual effect of flashing before eyes of an insect, without interesting him. Here why zebras need strips!

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