With what speed the cat can run

With what speed the cat can run

Instincts of the hunter are shown equally both at a domestic cat, and at the most terrible wild predator. The qualities helping cats to survive is a speed and reserve.


1. Ever since as kitten opens eyes also rises firmly on pads, for it not a problem to win any sprint running. In adulthood of a cat show the speed not only on hunting: often hunt them. In this case the cat can gather speed to 50 km/h, saving the life. Such demonstration of speed mostly is not necessary to domestic cats - they are seldom threatened by serious danger. And here the cats living on the street save the life, gathering mad speed, very often. How do they manage to run so quickly and to jump high?

2. At slow walking the cat rearranges the pads serially as the person of a leg. But if the small animal passes to run, paws work in pairs, and it contributes to the development of speed in the shortest terms too. To increase even more length of a jump and speed of movement, a cat, having dispersed, strongly curves a back. Only several seconds later the speed even of a domestic cat, unprepared to long pursuits, is already 45 km/h. This feature has also a back. A cat - the sprinter on short distances, and endurance in run at it very bad. In 4-5 minutes the cat is forced to stop and take breath, otherwise she will just fall dead.

3. From the birth the cat possesses an excellent grasp and balance of a body. It helps it to pass where any other animal will not be able to pursue it. The less cat, the is more at her than talents for mountaineering. Shoulders of a cat can rotate so that she could cover a tree trunk at rise. In a situation, life-threatening and to health, the cat can fly up on almost steep wall on decent height or from the place to jump on a tree branch. The majority of cats possess a flexible backbone and the developed muscles that allows it to jump at length exceeding her body by 6 times in any direction: both in vertical, and in horizontal. Escaping, the cat jumps and runs immediately, but on hunting the small animal can long and carefully be prepared for a jump, counting it in mind and breaking soft paws.

4. Cats if necessary can hide and wait for a long time before a jump a lot of time. The majority of cats - the singles counting only on themselves and therefore they seldom attack production more largely than.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team