Advantages and shortcomings of vertical sunbed

Advantages and shortcomings of vertical sunbed

The sunbed is the real rescue for the girls living in northern regions. In the fall and winter of the sun there practically does not happen, and the organism suffers acute shortage of vitamin D. Also strongly the appearance suffers: skin becomes pale and is shelled that gives to beauties sickly look.

Most often in modern studios vertical sunbeds meet. These are peculiar capsules in which it is necessary to sunbathe standing. Such equipment costs cheaper and also – takes less places. However owners of salons choose vertical sunbeds and because of number of other advantages.

Vertical sunbeds allow to make the procedure of suntan of more hygienic. You should not adjoin to surfaces that considerably reduces risk to catch any skin disease brought by the previous client. This point is very important and allows to reduce risks of infection.

Of course, in tanning studios watch closely purity of the equipment and process cabins after each client. However to disinfect sunbed for 100% it turns out not always.

Vertical sunbeds help to receive uniform suntan. Often cabins are equipped with musical stations under which songs you can accurately move. In this case skin will darken quicker, you receive beautiful and equal shade. In vertical cabins, as a rule, establish lamps of bigger power. It allows to reduce time spent on suntan and quicker to become "the black beauty". Therefore vertical sunbeds have quickly won arrangement of girls. The cabin of vertical sunbed is slightly more in the diameter, than horizontal. It shows one more advantage: opportunity to receive suntan to the people who are not loving the closed spaces. In cabin of the bigger size more surely the person of non-standard growth or complete set will also feel.

Strangely enough, advantages of vertical sunbed, by consideration from other point, become its shortcomings. For example, stronger lamps lead to formation of burns and obgoraniye more often. To avoid it, it is necessary to time stay in the capsule carefully.

Begin visit of vertical sunbed with the minimum time. Increase it gradually to avoid redness and burns. Also use special protective equipment.

Experts recommend to pay special attention at suntan in vertical sunbed to the person. In this cabin the action of lamps extends not absolutely evenly: bigger "blow" is the share of upper part. Gentle skin (especially in cold season) is very susceptible to suntan therefore it can quickly burn. Some visitors note obvious discomfort from obtaining suntan upright. For example, complaints to ring in ears and severe dizziness are recorded. At emergence of these symptoms the doctors recommend to leave cabin at once, and next time it is obligatory to take less time. Unpleasant feelings can be consequence of surplus of radiation and be symptom beginning thermal / sunstroke.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team