How quickly to get rid of pigmentation

How quickly to get rid of pigmentation

Pigmental spots – complex cosmetic problem which often is sign of changes in hormonal background and other problems with health. Most often excess pigmentation appears at elderly people. It does not add appeal therefore women aim in any ways to get rid of pigmental spots.

1. Use the saloon procedures leveling tone of skin. Chemical peelings can be carried out only to the autumn-winter period when solar activity low. Superficial and middle peelings with trichloroacetic and fruit acids will be suitable for disposal of pigmentation. It is good if the ingredients blocking the strengthened production of melanin are part for peeling. To it arbutin, kojic and phytin acids belong. Effectively delete pigmental spots laser and photorejuvenation. These procedures destroy melanin. As a result of their application the pigmented skin is updated on lighter. For prevention of emergence of pigmental spots use mesotherapy with the bleaching components: vitamin C and arbutin.

2. Buy the bleaching cosmetics which each professional brand has practically. The line of the bleaching leaving usually includes tonic, the cleaning milk, mask, serum and cream. The highest concentration of the ingredients clarifying skin contains, most often, in serum. However for successful disposal of pigmental spots the comprehensive care by all means since their components strengthen action of each other is necessary.

3. Use the house bleaching means. The masks prepared by the hands are not so effective as professional cosmetics, however they can improve type of skin considerably. Juice red and blackcurrant, grapefruit, lemon, wild strawberry, strawberry, cranberry, guelder-rose, onions, parsley, cucumber contains high concentration of the bleaching components. This juice can be used for wiping of skin or to add to cosmetic masks. Masks on the basis of kefir, cottage cheese, cosmetic clay help to get rid of pigmentation also. One of the most effective house remedies – the Cleopatra mask. For its preparation mix white clay, sour cream, honey and juice of lemon in equal proportions, apply mix to skin, and in 20 minutes wash away at first warm, and then cold water.

4. Apply means to prevention of emergence of pigmental spots. In the winter and use products rich with vitamin C in the spring: cabbage, currant, citrus, green onions, etc. In addition accept pharmaceutical vitamins C and SS. Dosage: vitamin C - on 0.5 g three times a day to food, RR vitamin - on 0.01 g three times a day after meal. The course of treatment makes 2-3 weeks, between courses it is necessary to take week break. In total it is necessary to conduct 2-3 courses. In the flying surely apply sun-protection cosmetics with high protection against ultra-violet radiation.

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