How to choose cosmetics for newborns

How to choose cosmetics for newborns

The choice of cosmetics for newborns is simply huge today. On counters of pharmacies and shops it is possible to meet means in the different price range and from various producers. It is possible to understand such abundance only by practical consideration. But it is better to define selection criteria and the list of necessary means in advance.


1. For a start define for yourself that you need to get from cosmetics for newborns. As a rule, enter a set of means of prime necessity: diapers, a baby powder, protective cream under from an intertrigo, cosmetic oil, shampoo-gel, a skin for a bathtub, Q-tips, wet towel wipes. Further you will choose all additional resources at discretion if you find it necessary.

2. Before buying cosmetics for newborns, attentively study labels of goods. Especially it concerns structure of a product. There should not be hazardous substances and there has to be an instruction on hypoallergenicity.

3. Pay attention to additional ingredients as a part of a product, such as extracts of herbs, vitamins, minerals. The smell matters too. Quality cosmetics for newborns should not contain strong fragrances. Its smell has to be very unostentatious, natural and pleasant. Same concerns also color. Bright color shampoo or bath foam say that at structure there are chemical dyes.

4. Come on specialized forums and take an interest at other, more skilled mothers what cosmetics of firms enjoys bigger popularity. Today demand not only for the known foreign companies, such as Johnsons, Sanosan, Bubchen, but also on domestic manufacturers increased: "Our mom", "Big-eared nurses", "World of the childhood".

5. To understand, your kid suits any given cosmetic, it is worth trying it at first. For this purpose it is possible to buy samplers of oils, creams and shampoos. And if the quality suits you, it is worth continuing to use this firm further.

6. Buying powder, means of the very first need for most of mothers, except structure, you look at packing. It is important how the bottle is arranged. Pay attention whether it is convenient to take it in a hand whether just it opens, whether not too large holes on a cover. Otherwise you awake to feel constant discomfort because talc badly pours out or he wakes up on the child's skin too much. It is important as well the bubble volume since buying too big, you overpay, but will not spend completely. And small will come to an end earlier, than your kid will grow up "from powder".

7. Getting wet towel wipes, be most careful and attentive. Many of them cause allergies in the child. For this purpose ask for suggestions the children's pediatrician or more skilled mothers. Besides, by practical consideration define what napkins are more convenient for you. Some are too damp, others, on the contrary, too dry, the third unpleasantly smell, at the fourth inconvenient packing. Therefore in the beginning buy goods in small packings. And having only chosen the best for you, you can get them in large volume.

8. Do not buy cosmetics of firms unknown to you who did not manage to prove in the market. Also do not buy cosmetics from distributors. It is the best of all to make purchase in pharmacy or specialized shop which is obliged to have the certificate of quality on goods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team