How to apply Rivanol to removal of hair

How to apply Rivanol to removal of hair

with growth of undesirable hair can begin at any age, and the reasons can be various here: from hormonal reorganization to hereditary factors. The special discomfort delivers emergence of noticeable hairs on face.

There is set of ways of fight against undesirable hair: from folk remedies prior to medical procedures. And the first – are quite doubtful and not too effective, and the second are rather expensive and are often painful.


Rivanol – the disinfecting structure promoting active healing of wounds. It is the medication on the basis of etakridin of lactate and boric acid which is produced in the form of paste, ointment, powders and tablets. For fight against problem of undesirable hair in the person use tablets, doing one-percentage water solution on their basis.

The individual intolerance of components and disease of kidneys, followed by albuminuria belong to contraindications (availability of protein in urine). Concerning contraindications at pregnancy there are no data, the same as there are no data on interaction with other medicines.

Application of Rivanol for removal of hair

For fight against hairs it is necessary to make 1% solution of the tablets Rivanola in water. Before application it is necessary to apply by means of cotton pad small amount of solution on gentle skin of bend of elbow and within six hours to wait whether allergic reaction will appear. If the allergy has not arisen, Rivanola solution is applied on problem zones before emergence of effect once a day. It will become noticeable approximately in week: hairs will become thinner, will be light and fragile. It should be noted that even in the absence of effect in two weeks of use, use of medicine needs to be stopped. Constant use of Rivanol is undesirable: between courses of application it is important to do intervals in 1-2 months.

Other areas of application of Rivanol

Even at irregular use in fight against excessive indumentum, Rivanol will be very useful acquisition for house first-aid kit. Indications to application characterize it as the preventive and medical antiseptic (disinfecting) means in surgery, gynecology, urology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, dermatology. It well is suitable for treatment of furuncles, grazes, gnoynichok, cuts, burns and small home accidents. At inflammations of throat and oral cavity it is often used for rinsing. Considering that Rivanol – quite powerful medicine, before its application (even for removal of hair) it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

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