How to get rid of blue circles under eyes

How to get rid of blue circles under eyes

Blue circles under eyes – one of the most widespread problems. There is such problem most often because of fatigue and systematic nedosypaniye. Many women very often I think: how to get rid of these circles under eyes?


1. The most direct solution of problem is rest. If you are not able to afford such luxury, then it is possible to resort to cosmetics. There is huge number of means both masking circles under eyes, and allowing to prevent their emergence.

2. The most widespread contrivance is foundation. Probably, it is the simplest solution of problem. It is only necessary to choose the tone which is ideal for your skin and to apply cream on problem sites.

3. Powder is less widespread. Of course, it promotes masking of bluish shade too, but you should not forget about health of the skin. The powder which does not have cream structure dries skin, and skin around eyes very sensitive. Besides, powder, even at the accuratest drawing to lay down very not exactly. Thus, use of powder for masking of circles under eyes will only not yield desirable result, but also will promote formation of wrinkles.

4. shche one way of fight against blue circles under eyes – use of tea compresses. Black and green tea have positive impact on skin around eyes. It is enough to make tea in gauze bandage, then to cool it and to put to eyes. After a while you not only will notice improvement of skin color, but also disappearance of circles and hypostases. Such procedure will take you not a lot of time, and the result will pleasantly surprise.

5. So, you should not be reconciled with existence of blue circles. Of course, it is easy to disguise them, but it is better to care for the health. Try to find in turmoil of day hour for the dream and your health and appearance considerably will improve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team