How to reduce cheeks in house conditions

How to reduce cheeks in house conditions

Effective remedy to reduce cheeks in house conditions and also to strengthen and revitalize skin facial massage is. It makes salutary impact on vessels, skin muscles, maintains its elasticity, keeps freshness and protects skin from presenilation. And it is not the complete list of advantages of massage which is effective means at adjournment of fat on cheeks.


1. Better do not do massage if at you on face skin inflammatory processes, the strengthened growth of hair, flat warts, herpes are observed. It is necessary to eliminate these troubles at first.

2. So, collect at first hair under hat or in bunch, do not forget to wash up hands with soap and to purify skin with lotion (it is obligatory in case with oily skin). It is better to grease dry skin with fat cream. Having cleaned face, apply on it nutritious cream with thin layer. And now you can directly start massage.

3. You watch smoothness and ease of movements. At massage it is necessary to use small pillows of anonymous, index and average fingers of hands. The face is massaged strictly on "massage lines": the middle of forehead – temples, nose wings – temples, mouth corners – the middle of auricles and the middle of chin – lobe of ears. It is necessary to begin massage with easy strokings, then to continue by soft pats on lines of massage. If you have many wrinkles on forehead, longitudinal and cross stroking and percussion of forehead will help. The chin should be massed more vigorously, using all hand. Pay special attention to cheeks, if they strongly disturb.

4. The recommended course of house massage of cheeks and all face makes 10 procedures. Duration of session has to be 7-10 minutes. For the maximum and fast effect do massage at least every two days. After the termination of basic course of massage you will notice that the skin on cheeks was considerably tightened. For maintenance of effect it is enough to carry out the supporting massage once a week. After the session blot face with napkin to remove residues of cream. If it is required to go outside at once after massage, be not powdered and do not impose cosmetics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team