How to twist hair without curling iron and hair curlers

How to twist hair without curling iron and hair curlers

To have curlies or just wavy hair - dream of many girls. And there is no wonder, these lovely curls give femininity and sexuality to image. You should not be upset if you are owner of straight hair, each girl can make nice curls, and there are even such ways at which neither hair curlers, nor the curling iron are required.

Cone and braids

To receive nice waves without hair curlers absolutely simply, for example, it is possible just to wash up hair, to dry up them, it is good to comb then to put foam or wax for hair and to braid hard cone. After full drying of the fixing means to untwine hair, to accurately straighten them hands and to sprinkle varnish. The similar hairstyle very well looks on hair of average length. It should be noted, if desired it is possible to braid not cone, and braid or several thin braids. However in this case you remember: than you will braid more braids, than more small there will be waves.


This way will suit those who are not able to spin braids or do not want. First of all wash up hair, slightly dry them (but not completely, it is necessary that hair were damp), further apply on them a little skin and divide into equal locks. Take one lock of hair and begin to twist it clockwise (or against) until it does not begin to twist in gulka. Too most do with other locks and record the turned-out gulk invisible beings. Time of wave depends on type of your hair: the more rigid and  unruly hair, the more time it is required to you. After blooming of flagellums accurately sort them hands (do not use hairbrush at all) and you will sprinkle small amount of varnish. 

Soft hoop

If you need to make curls, but the curling iron or hair curlers near at hand has not appeared, then it is possible to use soft hoop which is generally used for creation of hairstyles in the Greek style. For creation of nice curlies put on hoop the head then begin to pass locks under elastic band, and each lock several times. If desired process hair before the procedure any fixing means. This method perfectly will suit those who wish to create beautiful curls from the middle of length of hair.


The hairpin twister as well as possible will be suitable for creation of large curls (accessory for creation of hairstyle bunch). Wash up hair, dry up them, collect on the top, reel up them on twister, fix and leave in such situation at several o'clock. After time let hair down, straighten curls and fix hairstyle by varnish.

Children's napkins

If you wish to create small curlies on all head without use of hair curlers and the curling iron, then you can use usual children's napkins. Prepare hair for the procedure: wash up them, dry up, put skin. Further divide hair into locks (the more locks, the more small there will be curlies) and accurately wind each lock on napkin as if you wind on hair curlers. As soon as locks are completely twirled, tie the ends of napkins into knots. This way of wave is good those that with such hair curlers it is possible to sleep, at the same time not to be afraid for condition of hair. On completion of the procedure of napkin untie, lay curlies in beautiful hairstyle and record varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team