Masks for house hair recovery

Masks for house hair recovery

Masks for hair recovery hundreds, however effective several times less. It is necessary to select to itself mask trial and error method. It is a high time to resort to natural means.

"Beauty demands the victims" — phrase which is known by all girls of the world and which they very often use. In weather behind fashion or if desired to change something in the life most of girls begins to change the hairstyles: dyes hair, tries to change their texture, does different hairstyles.

All know that any impact on hair of chemistry or hot air very badly affects condition of hair. But very seldom whom this fact stops. For this reason after all executions with own hair of the girl look for, as well as than to quickly recover the injured hair which break on all length and remind bast.

For hair recovery oil masks which not only visually improve look are ideal, and get inside, feed hair and restore them. Recipes of the most effective oil masks which regular use will result in long-awaited result are given below.

  1. Mask from the sea-buckthorn thinned, dry and splitting hair oil.

This recipe is extremely simple, but if to do this mask twice a week for four weeks, then the effect will become more noticeable. For it it will be required to mix couple of tablespoons of oil of sea-buckthorn, on dessertspoon of onions juice and honey, yolk (at will) and literally to steam of drops of vitamin "A". The mask needs to be stirred and applied carefully on hair, without rubbing in roots. To hold about an hour and to carefully wash out hair with use of shampoo and to dry up them in the natural way.

  1. The mask which perfectly stimulates growth of hair and consolidation of texture at the expense of what hair will look more dense and more dense.

It will require burdock oil (tablespoon) and the same portion of liquid honey. Also it is necessary to add yolk to mix of oil and honey. To carefully stir and apply mix on hair since the roots, doing in this zone massage by fingertips. Further it is necessary to go down at other length of hair and to especially focus attention on tips of hair. Three-four hours are useful to take such oil mask on hair under warm towel, then especially carefully to wash away it shampoo. Burdock oil is very hard washed away therefore it is necessary to spend large portion of shampoo, than usually.

If to do each of masks for month, then results will not keep waiting long. Hair will take healthy and live form, will begin to shine, to break less and quicker grow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team