Weight loss from wrappings by food wrap: truth or myth

Weight loss from wrappings by food wrap: truth or myth

Perhaps, there is no more popular house procedure for weight loss, than wrapping by food wrap. Numerous articles assure of the Internet that regular carrying out wrappings can save from the hanging-down stomach and sides and at all "will kindle fat" nearly in the eyes. What from this the truth and that is not present?

Procedure essence

Technology of holding procedure is very simple: the "problem" part of the body which is carefully washed up and processed by srub is wound with usual food wrap. Further it is possible to start doing fitness or tide up the apartment, the main thing is to transude properly, and in film it will not make big work. It is considered that even once carried out procedure reduces not only indicator on scales, but also body volumes.

Wrappings by film and weight loss

Whether really weight avoids wrappings by film? Yes, but definitely not from the fact that allegedly "fat burns". Fatty tissue cannot disappear in one specific place - it is simply impossible; the human body grows thin or in all places at the same time, or in one. But then why weight is lost?

Everything is simple - under film there is strong sweating therefore the organism from such procedure can be dehydrated so that even scales will show smaller figure. However former weight will return as soon as you restore liquid loss. From here conclusion - from any fat folds and the hanging-down wrapping stomachs film will not save. Though it is impossible to tell that the procedure is absolutely useless, it is necessary just to hold it in a different way.

Wrappings by film and cellulitis

One more option of wrappings includes obligatory drawing on body of various cosmetics - such procedure is directed not to weight loss any more, and to improvement of tone of skin, giving of elasticity, smoothing of roughnesses and reduction of cellulitis. There are honey, chocolate, algal, mud, coffee, mustard also other types of wrappings.

As it is carried out: cosmetic or anti-cellulite cream is applied to otskrabirovanny skin, and the body is wound with food wrap. Then it is necessary to be covered for some time with warm plaid or blanket. Time of holding procedure - from 30 to 60 minutes. Usually wrappings are carried out in zone of stomach, hips and buttocks.

Efficiency: the cosmetic effect of course of procedures is quite high - "orange-peel" really becomes less zamenty, and skin - more tightened. About any combustion of fat of the speech here, of course, does not go, however volumes of body decrease, and visually the figure looks more harmonious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team