From what age to bathe the child in a big bathtub

From what age to bathe the child in a big bathtub

Since the birth and yet the umbilical wound will not heal, doctors advise to bathe kids in a children's bath. And by the end of the first month of life, the question of bathing of the child in a small or big bathtub is solved at the request of parents.

When it is necessary to begin to bathe the child in a big bathtub

Children's bath - optional attribute on care for the baby. Bathing of the kid in an adult bathtub right after the birth at observance of necessary measures for disinfection is allowed. But nevertheless pediatricians advise to bathe kids up to three months in the place limited for bathing. It is necessary in order that the child felt more surely, paying attention that it is surrounded by walls, as in a stomach at mom. It is clear, that the bigger child ceases to be located in a children's bathtub and the more so his toys. Therefore by this time it is better to accustom the baby to bathing in a big bathtub.

As it is correct to bathe the kid in an adult bathtub

If you bathe the child since the birth in a big bathtub, do not forget to add manganic solution to the prepared water that microbes did not get to yet not healed umbilical wound. During bathing of the newborn baby, one adult has to hold the baby by the head, and directly to wash another. All movements have to be sure and fast, the general time of bathing of the little man is no more than five-seven minutes.

For bathing it is necessary to use only the resolved children's hygienic means.

Is more senior than the child it is possible to bathe with someone from adults or independently. For bathing together with mom or dad it is necessary to observe hygienic requirements - the adult needs to take a shower. For independent bathing it is possible to use a rubber ring which will support the child's head over water when he swims. If it is a little water in a bathtub, it is possible to put a diaper on a bottom and to put the kid on it, holding a head that water did not get into ears.

The kid has to have the well washed and ironed towel.

To prepare water for bathing, it is necessary to check at first temperature, it has to be not higher than forty degrees. Even if you well washed up a bathtub before bathing, do not forget to add solution of potassium permanganate and to wait for its full dissolution that particles did not get on a little body of the baby. For softening of water put in it a teaspoon of table soda. For aroma it is possible to add children's salt or broth of a fragrant grass. For fun it is possible to dissolve foam and to give to the child of a toy. During bathing you have to have all necessary means and a towel near at hand. On average, bathing of the kid in a big bathtub should not last more than fifteen minutes. After this time, take out the baby from water and turn in a towel.

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