Game dependence at teenagers: what should I do?

Game dependence at teenagers: what should I do?

Several years ago parents considered the computer innocent entertainment which helps teenagers to distract from school and with benefit to spend free time. But by experts it is proved that hobby for the computer results in game dependence and violation of mentality of the child. The earlier parents will begin to undertake measures, the quicker will be able to return the teenager to reality from the virtual world.

The teenager with game dependence is dissatisfied with real life, he observes problems with study, sleep disorders, change of a day regimen, aggression, refusal of the help. Psychologists compare a game addiction to drug addiction and alcoholism, to get rid of it extremely difficult. To return the teenager to normal life, parents need to act together and ask for the help experts.

What to do to parents if the teenager has a game dependence?

It is impossible to strictly forbid the computer. It is possible to disconnect the Internet or to throw out the game console, of course, but it will only result in embitternment of the teenager, it will find the place outdoors where will be able to play.

The most effective way to save is as much as possible teenager from game dependence to give it attention, to spend time together and to talk. Analyze a day regimen of the child, remember, than all family is engaged during the day, in the evening and on weekends. Introduce restrictions for use of the computer, but do not ban a game completely. Surely explain to the child the reason of all changes. Diversify life of the teenager and family: arrange joint visits of movie theater, leave on the nature more often, be engaged in sports education of the child. If you forbid to sit constantly at the computer, do not spend much time behind the monitor.

The help of the psychologist at game dependence

If the child is completely shipped in the virtual world and does not notice anything around, to correct a situation to parents without the assistance of experts it will hardly turn out. In the beginning it is necessary to address the school psychologist and if he is powerless, to find the experienced psychotherapist. Psychocorrection, constant attention and care of parents will help the teenager to get rid of game dependence.

Prevention of game dependence

Prevention basis – a safe situation in family. The child should not feel lonely and to nobody necessary. Parents will prevent development of game dependence if show to the children as real life is fine and various. You spend free time together: you go hiking, walk in the park, visit a skating rink or the pool. And the most important – improve friendly and trusting relations in family. It is difficult to save the teenager from game dependence. Only the loving parents and experienced psychologists and that the child did not return to the virtual world can make it, it is impossible to forget about prevention measures.

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