How at home to teach the child to read

How at home to teach the child to read

Now children go to school, being already able to read. And often training in this important issue falls on parents. And sometimes the kid just is interested in letters and books, mom wants to support in him this tendency and to unostentatiously train in such useful skill as reading. Anyway, to achieve result quickly and without serious consequences, you should follow some rules.

  • Until the child completely learns to read, do not tell the name of letters, only sounds. That is not EM, but M!
  • If the child is interested in letters, then it is better to show him them in words. That the kid got used that letters do not cost one by one, they stand in words with other letters.
  • If the child in 4-5 years does not show interest in reading, then begin with short classes on time on 5-7 minutes. He will not be tired and he will develop a habit that classes - it is short, easy and interesting.
  • The reading technique the whole words is suitable for kids. In 4-5 years so to learn already late. Pick up other technique, for example Zhukova's abc-book or Zaytsev's cubes.
  • Merge of letters in syllables very difficult thought process. There can pass a lot of time before the child understands that he M-and is MA. Be patient and persistent and everything will turn out.
  • You learn gradually. You do not pass to the following step until completely acquired previous. If you begin training at once in syllables — begin that with 2-6 syllables. If you begin to learn with letters, then choose at first vowels: And, At, O. Sostavlyayte syllables from them. Only then add concordants.
  • When the child began to put syllables in words, to repeat that MA-MA is MOM, stop at this stage! You do not ask to retell all offer at all. It is the completely different thought process more difficult. Now the child only mechanically reproduces letters. Until he begins to do it automatically, without thinking, you should not move further.

Organizational issues:

  • Do not skip class, they can be short, but surely daily. The child has to get used to it. The main thing - systemacity. You will gradually increase time.
  • You watch amount of information on each occupation. The child can be tired by the end, do not force it violently. But if at the beginning of the occupation he refuses to read - do not follow his tastes, he just did not get used to be engaged, try to build occupation so that it was interesting to it.
  • Surely you praise the child. For the done work, for the read word if you see that he tries. Joy of mom - the most powerful incentive for the child in any business.
  • Read different fonts. Sometimes children get used to a font of one textbook and refuse to read others. Spread words from letters magnets, you mold from plasticine, read signs on shops.
  • Be patient. Sometimes it seems that now you will break, you feel only rage and powerlessness. Stop occupation and calm down. You do not shout at the child at all. Even if the neighbour's boy reads long ago, and all of you still learn letters. At everyone the speed. The quantity means did not turn into quality yet. Explain more and more time. The main thing - tranquility and a positive spirit. Shout and aggression of mom can beat off for the rest of life desire not only to reading, but also to training in general.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team