How to decorate the children's room by a holiday

How to decorate the children's room by a holiday

Children's holiday – an excellent opportunity to show the creative abilities. Registration of the room plays a large role, the mood of the birthday boy depends on it. It is possible to decorate the room together with the hero of the occasion.

What should not be

It is necessary very much show consideration for material selection of which you will do a panel, garlands, bouquets, etc. In the room for children there should not be nothing dangerous – the sticking-out nails, open boards of batteries. You should not use toxic dyes. It is better to do paper jewelry not of corrugated, and of thin and equal transparent paper as corrugated very strongly fades at hit of liquid on it. You should not hang up nothing on chandeliers and lamps.


Ideal material for the children's room – balls. It is possible to make a garland, a bouquet, various animals and birds of them. If the room big, it is possible to make on one of panel walls – a flower, the sun, the ship, etc. It is also possible to make, for example, on the central wall a garland, and on corners of the room to place flowers from balls of a suitable shade. A large number of balls can be bought through wholesale shop, it will cost cheaper, than to buy them at retail.


It is possible to issue colourfully and boards which in the nursery closed batteries. There can be pictures with fantastic plots, compositions from flowers, stars, butterflies – a word, what is pleasant to you and your child. It is the best of all to cut out silhouettes from dense color paper and to paste by means of PVA glue. It well holds paper on a wooden surface and also is easily washed away and does not leave behind traces. On windows you should not paste anything, but it is possible to decorate, for example, monophonic curtains. It is possible to issue them patterns from a tape. Of course, it is necessary to pick up all elements of registration for color. Excessive diversity too to anything.


Registration of a holiday table – perhaps, the most crucial moment. The table, of course, has to be elegant, but at the same time on it there should not be nothing of that kind that can be spoiled accidentally. That is the white starched cloth in this case is no good, as well as porcelain plates or crystal glasses. One never knows, someone from little guests will overturn something or will break – and farewell, festive mood. You will easily find a beautiful oilcloth including such which on the appearance not too differs from a cloth in household shop. If all of you prefer a cloth, lay it, but on edge put accurately cut off paper strip for drawing, and already on it put ware. And now it is absolutely easy to pick up effective unbreakable ware. The composition will be added by beautifully put napkins – in the form of flowers or animals.

Throne for the prince or the princess

If you prepare for a children's birthday, the chair of the birthday boy can be decorated too. For example, to tie to a back and legs flowers from balls or from the most usual paper. The similar decor will allow the birthday boy to feel that today – his holiday.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team