How to develop love for work at the preschool child

How to develop love for work at the preschool child

Ability rationally and effectively to use the potential in work does not appear in the person since the birth. It is result of long work of parents in the field of labor education. Labor education develops such qualities of the personality as working capacity, efficiency, resistance to stress, responsibility.

One of the most important aspects of education is formation and development of labor skills. Work contributes to the intellectual, physical and moral development of the child. As a result of education of this type the child realizes the importance of socially useful activity, need of creation of the action plan for achievement of the purpose and also forms useful to life and productive work of quality.

The base of all these skills and knowledge is put at preschool age. The child begins to feel the independence and seeks to show it. One major problems of labor education at preschool age is a reinforcement of diligence from its earliest manifestations. The first sign can be considered crisis of three years when each action of the child is followed by a phrase it seems "I am!" (approximately since 3 years). It is possible to begin labor education with this period.

By 6-7 years at the child the following aspects of work have to be created:

  • Understanding of the purpose, scheduling of activity, adequate situations, and aspiration to a certain result;
  • Positive emotions when performing work;
  • Careful attitude to the used tools, materials, property, etc.;
  • Adequate criticism of the achieved results.

Ways of development of work

  • Observation of adults. The mechanism of imitation takes an important place in education. The parental behavior is an example to which the child, even without realizing it, follows all the life. Children acquire need of socially useful work, the negative or positive attitude to work, value of results of others and work.
  • Artistic touches. Books, movies and cartoons often stimulate motivation at children to work and resemble the favourite hero. Of course, concrete skills in this way are formed seldom, but the motivation and the beginning often is the most difficult moment of any work. It is important to choose correctly literature and transfers that the baby had a worthy example for imitation.
  • Development of skill is impossible without its use, therefore, labor actions it is necessary to train in practice too. In a case with children of preschool age any actions and situations can be modelled by means of a game. Besides, the child can give the easiest and insignificant household tasks. No matter, this help is how necessary or how well the kid will execute it, but your request for the help very much will help further him.

The character of the adult begins to be built up with the birth. Help the baby with assimilation of value of work, you praise it for achievements that further productive activity was given it with great pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team