How to disaccustom the child to be picked a nose

How to disaccustom the child to be picked a nose

Kovyryaniye in a nose - not just bad habit, but risk of damage mucous. Besides the child not really clean fingers can bring an infection in a nose. Sort out the reasons of the events and help the child to cope with a shortcoming.


1. Perhaps, the child is picked a nose because of drying of mucous. The conditioner and heating systems dry air, and it becomes more difficult for kids to breathe. Take care of air moistening by the special device or just by means of water, having wetted a sheet or having poured liquid in a basin.

2. Perhaps, the child has a cold and he tries to get rid of snivels. Anyway teach him to blow nose and if he still is for this purpose too small, regularly you watch hygiene of his nose. Still such reception helps: cut the child's nails well to pick a nose there was especially nothing.

3. Happens that a kovyryaniye in a nose - a consequence of the general uneasiness of the kid. Talk to it, trace or lose his fears and the reasons of concern. Sometimes it is worth paying attention to himself. If mom too often is anxious on trifles, her spirit is transferred to the son or the daughter. When parents are psychologically steady, too it is easier for the child, he is less subject to persuasive actions.

4. If the child is picked a nose when it boringly, unconsciously, can find except elimination of nervousness occupation it to hands. Suggest to draw, stick together something, to paint or paste. When the kid is not simply keen, but also is busy physically, he has no time to be distracted by a bad habit.

5. Think whether the child could follow an example of someone from house: from parents or the senior children? If in family someone is constantly picked a nose, thinking that nobody sees it, he is mistaken. Children in a trice adopt such features of behavior and too begin to investigate the nostrils. Means at first it is necessary to eliminate this habit at adults and only then to wait for the same from the child.

6. Try to frighten the child of negative consequences from a kovyryaniye in a nose. Tell that microbes will lodge in a nose or the finger will get stuck in a nostril that the nose will become huge. Sometimes such horror stories affect behavior of children, and they cease to be picked a nose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team