How to disaccustom the child to computer games

How to disaccustom the child to computer games

Watching how parents play computer games, children from two-year age begin to use tablets and laptops, mastering the resources which are not intended for them. Accustoming to such pastime results in real dependence to computer games. We limit access, we sate free time of the child with interesting events and "we break" the computer.

It is required to you

  • Children's Internet modem
  • remote language course
  • the permit to the children's camp


1. To agree about time which the child will spend behind computer games. For a start optimal variant: two hours on weekdays and four hours on the weekend.

2. To encourage the child in case he spent at the computer less than the resolved time.

3. To redirect attention of the child to use of the computer for the good, for example, for training in languages or work with useful programs.

4. To occupy the child with something another, for example, to give to sports section, creative studio or to give a public assignment like patronage of the grandmother.

5. To send the child to a fascinating trip for several days provided that it will have no contact with computer games.

6. To limit Internet access, using the Children's Internet modem where you will be able to limit access to undesirable resources.

7. "To break" the computer. It is possible to imitate breakage, having removed one of the main programs or the operating system. Until the computer "is treated", you will have an opportunity to occupy the child with something another.

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