How to dress a bandage for pregnant women

How to dress a bandage for pregnant women

To put on a bandage, at first lay down on a bed and relax, and then start business. By all means make sure that it is comfortable and convenient to you. The bandage should not press and bring discomfort.

It is required to you

  • - pillow.


1. Correctly to put on a bandage for pregnant women, at first it is necessary to lay down. It is also desirable to raise hips, having enclosed under them the roller or a small pillow. First, it will help you to relax and remove stress from muscles of a press and a back. Secondly, the fruit will be able to move to the top part of your stomach that will allow to unload partially a waist and to reduce the uterus pressure upon a bladder. Future kid will need time to reach the correct position. So you will need to lie down 5 or 10 minutes. Relax and deeply breathe that also to you, and a fruit it was convenient and comfortable. If you put on a bandage in vertical position and hastily, pressure upon a uterus will be distributed incorrectly. Also the belt can peredavit vessels that will break blood circulation of a uterus and a placenta and will increase risk of development of a hypoxia of a fruit.

2. When future child reaches a comfortable position, it is possible to begin to put on a bandage. The most convenient option – a bandage belt, but it is possible to wear also special bandage pants. Place a wide part of a belt under the waist, straighten it. Now carry out a narrow part under the stomach. Clasp a bandage. If you put on bandage pants, accurately raise legs, having bent knees, and then raise hips and buttocks. Correct everything and make sure that it is convenient to you. The bandage has to adjoin quite densely to a body, but at the same time not press. A wide part is located on a waist, and narrow – under a stomach at the level of a pubic bone.

3. The bandage is put on, now it is possible to get out of a bed. But it is necessary to do it correctly. Do not allow breakthroughs and sharp movements. At first slowly and carefully turn over sideways. Then begin to lower legs from a bed, and then accurately raise a trunk and get up on a floor. Make sure that the bandage is put on truly. Walk, sit down, replace a pose. It has to be comfortable and convenient to you. Also try to place one or two fingers between a belt and a body. If they enter, but at the same time more free space does not remain, all of you made correctly. If you feel discomfort, again lay down and remove a bandage, and then put on it again.

4. It is necessary to remove a bandage correctly too. Lay down, undo a belt, take off it and lie down a little. The fruit will reach a comfortable position and will move to the lower part of your stomach. Then turn over sideways, lower legs on a floor and accurately get up. If to remove a bandage in vertical position, increased load on a uterus can lead to a hyper tone.

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