How to equip group in kindergarten

How to equip group in kindergarten

Group in kindergarten – the place where children and tutors carry out the most part of day. That stay in it was comfortable and pleasant, the group room should be issued correctly, having paid attention to selection of furniture and toys, color scale and other important nuances.

It is required to you

  • - paint for walls;
  • - floor covering;
  • - rugs;
  • - blinds;
  • - children's furniture;
  • - toys.


1. Arrangement of group needs to be thought over at a repair stage. Very important question – floors. Sometimes nurseriesgardensgive preference in to a carpet – it soft, and to children conveniently and warmly to play on a floor. However the carpet complicates cleaning and can create problems to children with tendency to an allergy. Much more conveniently heat-insulated floors. From above it is possible to lay durable laminate or industrial linoleum.

2. Small carpets will help to zone the room. In game lay a dense lint-free carpet which can be erased. That it did not slide on a floor, paste special rubber linings from inner side.

3. Color registration of the room is very important. The light solar room can be made quieter and cool by means of bluish-green scale. The warm golden-beige tone will be suitable for North side. Good quick-drying paint is more practical than wall-paper and whitewashing – in case of need walls can be washed up.

4. Walls can be made monophonic or to represent a lawn, the sea or other plots. One more option – to paint walls in different colors of one scale – for example, from light green to celestial-blue. Do not use too bright paints in order to avoid excessive diversity.

5. Take care of protection against the sun. Instead of the portieres collecting dust hang up the washing blinds of suitable flowers on windows.

6. Correctly equipped group should not remind establishment. The more it is similar to the house, the better. Correctly picked up furniture will help to create the atmosphere of a cosiness. Stop on tables, chairs and racks from a light tree – they well are in harmony with pastel coloring of walls and bright toys.

7. Very nicely the multi-colored bed linen on beds looks. It is possible to ask parents to bring suitable house sets – they will allow children to feel more comfortable and securely.

8. That it was more convenient to children to be guided in group, accurately allocate zones – sleeping, educational, game. Game it is possible to divide into smaller zones. For example, to separate specially equipped house with toy kitchen, the living room, the bedroom for dolls. Separately equip the place for games with designers, constructions, silent games. Nearby establish racks with the corresponding toys. You should not place them ranks. Get easy plastic containers and suspended grids better – then children will be able independently to bring order to the corner.

9. If you want suit a green corner in group, make sure that among personnel there are people capable to take care of flowers. Plants need not only watering, but also timely change, a prishchipyvaniye and a scrap. Without due leaving they quickly lose decorative effect. Carefully choose plants that the poisonous and causing allergies copies accidentally did not get to a green corner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team