How to explain to the child from where children appear

How to explain to the child from where children appear

Sooner or later the child asks an inevitable question of which parents, as a rule, are rather afraid. It is a question of that from where there are children. That the curiosity of the baby did not take you unawares, it is better to prepare the answer in advance.


1. Answer a question depending on age of the child. Keep in mind that tuj interest – the natural, caused aspiration to study the world around. Therefore also you behave naturally. The worst that you can make – to wave away instead of the answer to a question or to abuse the child as though he asked about something shameful.

2. It is enough to kid of 2-3 years to tell that the child appears from a mother's tummy. Usually for the first time of this information it appears enough. If, having thought, the baby returns to the question of appearance of children again and specifies whether there is in a tummy a door that the child left it, can answer in the affirmative, somewhat it indeed, to press in particular physiology so far rather early. If you have a scar from Cesarean section, the child can show this "door".

3. In 4-5 years of the kid begins to interest as the child appears at mom in a tummy. If you are religious, answer that God gives to mom with dad of the child. Atheistic adjusted parents can tell that dad put to mom in a tummy the section, she united to a mother's section, and from these sections the baby began to grow. To explain what is an organism cage, too it is necessary at the available level. Tell that at first so little baby that it is not even visible. 9 months he grows in a tummy, became more and more and, at last, is born.

4. In a conversation with the kid of 5-6 years pay more attention to the story about how the child grows in a tummy as he breathes there and eats. The baby all this will be interesting to yours. Also tell that help the child to be born with special hospital – maternity hospital. Show to the son or the daughter the pictures taken there if you have them. You can and show during walk to the child maternity hospital.

5. If at the previous stages all of you explained in detail, most likely, the following wave of interest in issues of birth will appear at the child at the age of 10-12 years. At this time girls need to tell what is periods and that it means ability to give birth to the child. The boy needs to give delicately the basic concept about wet dreams and sperm. Describe process of conception of the child in terms of physiology. If you find it difficult to make it, resort to the help of special visual aids which are available on sale.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team