How to facilitate to itself life after the delivery

How to facilitate to itself life after the delivery

Many are frightened by stories by familiar young mothers about difficulties of life with the small child: sleep deficit, constant fatigue, impossibility all to be in time at once. When we wait for the kid, it is not necessary to prepare morally for similar difficulties, as for something inevitable. They can quite be avoided and everything is valid to be in time, without being ready to drop at the same time from fatigue.

With arrival to the house of the newborn the life cardinally changes, and believe, on those household affairs that you long put "away for later", time will definitely not be. Therefore for your tranquility and health it is necessary to make some things even during pregnancy.


It seems banal, but, nevertheless, it is necessary: with the advent of the baby to you once will precisely wash plafonds, to erase curtains and to clean carpets. Wash up windows, sort the storeroom and cases, glue wall-paper, clean the fridge and an extract. Generally, make all that long ago gathered. Attract members of household, define whether you will spend amicably one day for cleaning or you will make all this gradually, without straining.


It is necessary to touch all the things: after the delivery to rustle with packages and to clap doors while the kid sleeps, it does not turn out. And when he will wake up – will be once. Postpone and hide far away the tight and fitting clothes, at once it is not useful. Prepare or buy free practical things from knitwear: it lasts, and precisely will suit you. Besides knitwear well looks and will become a fine exit that also houses before the husband not to go the sloven, and on the street not to hesitate of the dangling "pregnant" loose overalls. That the belt was tightened, time is necessary and if not to think in advance, then it can turn out that the only thing what the postnatal stomach gets into, is pregnancy period clothes.

Freezing of products

Meat, fish and vegetables. Buy at once much, charge the kid to the husband for the evening and spend time for cutting and cutting. At once wash out the cut meat and fish, salt, season, put in packages in a form of a frying pan or the multicooker (double boiler) and freeze. Scraps for soup – in separate bags. Also and with vegetables. In a form of the double boiler or a frying pan we freeze vegetables for a garnish, in bags – the cut mixes for first courses. One spent evening will release you for a long time: preparation of a lunch and dinner will occupy time minimum. Got from the fridge, threw into the double boiler, pressed the button.

It would seem, trifles. But you will see at once how a lot of time at you will appear on taking care of the own life and the family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team