How to find dad for children

How to find dad for children

Education of children without father - a difficult task, and the phenomenon this not so rare. There passes some time, pain from parting with the ex-husband or from irrevocable loss of the beloved spouse ceases and the woman realizes the readiness again to enter the relations with the man. But at the same time there is a question of how to find not only the husband, but also dad for children?


1. Wait for certain time when you are completely ready to accept the new status of lonely mom, and all men (in case of painful parting with the father of children) will cease to seem as it quite often happens, selfish males and villains. Only full acceptance of and people around such what they are will be able to give feeling of tranquility. For this purpose plunge into affairs and problems of children, work, a hobby.

2. After achievement of feeling of harmony with by itself start search of potential dad for the children and the husband to yourself. For this purpose you do not stay at home: walk with children at playgrounds, in parks, squares. But not only where pensioners yes of mummy with carriages walk. Choose places where it is quite possible to meet the same lonely or divorced dad with the child: city cafes in which are glad also to little visitors, theaters, the areas at fountains. These non-standard walks will bring pleasure to your children and will be useful to you. Even if you will not meet the man of your dream there, then derive pleasure from the spent time and a charge of good mood. And the woman staying in such mood by all means fixes the interested or approving eyes of people around.

3. Get to yourself for the rule sometimes to go in city transport if absolutely you do not use it. In the subway or the tram sometimes there are fatal meetings with decent and worthy men. And the trip to the subway for the lady with good prosperity can be regarded as a small extreme adventure.

4. Look narrowly more attentively at fellow workers. If you are an attractive woman, then it is quite possible that someone from male colleagues looks narrowly at you long ago, but has no courage to approach and start talking on this subject. You should not advertize your freedom from marriage, but also also it does not make sense to hide. You such what is and, perhaps your new free situation will be the cause for long ago the attempts hidden by the man to approach you.

5. If you too constraining person or in everyday life have no contacts with men as with colleagues, then it is possible to ask for the help in search of the husband to and the father to children professional matchmakers. At least, also men with defined to intentions which they designate at introduction of the parameters to the database address them. However be vigilant, through such marriage agencies and also at acquaintance online - resources it is possible to come across the marriage speculator.

6. Look narrowly more carefully at that person who shows to you special attention - perhaps, it also is the one who is necessary to you, just you did not understand it yet and did not feel. Pay attention to what its lines are pleasant not only to you, but also will be able to be pleasant to your children whether they will be able to accept this man as the family member. Find out whether he loves children in general and in what way shows this feeling. For example, sincere fatherly care of them can have also an appearance of some severity useful to education, and an ostentatious baby talk, on the contrary, to hide absolute indifference to the fate of the child.

7. Listen to opinion of the children, if the man who was pleasant to you at all his external wellbeing and decency is sharply rejected by your children, then it is worth looking narrowly at it more attentively. The thing is that adult people in love are not inclined to adequate perception of any given acts or gestures of the partner. And here children are surprisingly attentive and notice some strangenesses in behavior of adults and furthermore a lie.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team