How to give pomegranate juice to the child

How to give pomegranate juice to the child

Pomegranate juice not only is very tasty, but also is useful. It contains a set of vitamins and minerals. This remarkable bile-expelling and diuretic effective at flu, ORZ, cold and set of other diseases. However it is necessary to give it to children correctly, observing a dosage and time of reception.

It is required to you

  • - pomegranate juice;
  • - boiled water.


1. Whenever possible give to children only svezheotzhaty pomegranate juice. It contains the vitamins and minerals contributing to the correct development of the child. Remember that acquired in the "pomegranate juice" market it can be prepared from stale fruit, and, undoubtedly, will affect health of the kid. The juice sold in shops quite often contains preservatives and fragrances that is also unsafe.

2. You enter juice into the child's diet not earlier than from 5-6 months. To calculate the daily volume of juice, increase age of the kid in months by 10 and you receive the necessary quantity of milliliters which doctors is not recommended for exceeding.

3. Give juice to the kid in the first half of day, whenever possible between feedings (approximately in 30-40 minutes after a meal). It is necessary to do it in order that at the kid the appetite was not gone. Begin to enter juice from one teaspoon. Obligatory for its razbavlyta before the use by warm boiled water in the ratio 1:1. Gradually increasing volume, bring amount of juice to norm.

4. If the child is inclined to an allergy, originally give him a half of a teaspoon of the diluted juice then you watch closely during the day for reactions of an organism. In case of appearance of rash and/or the nagger address the local pediatrician or the allergologist. In most cases symptoms of an allergy vanish after several intake of the antihistaminic medicine appointed by the doctor. Repeatedly juice can be given to the child only in case the doctor resolves.

5. In case of lack of allergic reactions give already full teaspoon next day, then one and a half. Increase gradually to day norm.

6. With care give pomegranate juice to the children inclined to locks. Juice contains tannins that will only aggravate a condition of the child.

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