How to issue a children's morning performance

How to issue a children's morning performance

Any holiday for the child in fact is a morning performance, it is carried out most often in the first half of day. It is necessary to approach the organization of a morning performance very seriously, to think over all trifles and not to forget about beautiful registration of the place.

Once Stanislavsky told: "For children it is necessary to play the same as for adults, it is only better". This rule can fully be applied to the organization and registration of a holiday. Children, unlike adults, can strongly be upset if something goes not so.

Morning performance in kindergarten

The festive morning performance in kindergarten has to be bright and cheerful. Think over the scenario of an action, having included children in process. In advance study with them rhymes or roles in a performance. Children will be glad not only to take a detached view representation, but also to participate in it.

Special attention should be paid to registration of a morning performance. Traditionally children's holiday is associated with balloons. It is possible to make an arch of multi-colored spheres or various figures. Scatter the spheres inflated with usual air on a floor. Kids with pleasure will kick and throw them. With helium tie long strings to spheres and release under a ceiling.

As scenery it is possible to use the drawn flowers, the suns, etc. Draw them on dense paper with bright paints, cut out and hang out on walls, curtains and doors.

Children's holiday of the house

If in kindergarten employees generally are engaged in registration of a morning performance, then preparation for a holiday completely lies on shoulders of parents at home. If balloons became boring, replace them with big bright pompons from crepe paper. They become very simply as usual pompons from threads: put paper an accordion, tie up in the center threads, cut on each side and stir up, having given the form of a sphere. Such pompons can be suspended under a ceiling or to decorate trees if a holiday on the street. Obligatory attribute of a children's holiday – multi-colored extensions. They can be made of paper or fabric in the form of tags. Attach multi-colored triangles to a satin ribbon. If a holiday a thematic, for example, birthday of the child, it is possible to write on a garland "Happy birthday!". The original idea for registration of a birthday – self-made figure in a frame. It is possible to make it of paper, satin ribbons, beads, buttons and sequins. Include the imagination, paste or embroider it on fabric, cardboard, design paper. That children could have a bite freely during the games, make a sweet table somewhere in a room corner. Lay a beautiful cloth, bind balloons, decorate a table to the taste. On multi-colored plateaus put cupcakes, cakes, cookies. Decorate small bottles from under children's juice with the self-made labels designating a holiday occasion. In glass vases fill multi-colored candies of the M&M's type.

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