How to make a children's holiday special

How to make a children's holiday special

What can be finer for the child, than expectation of the birthday? While the kid tremblingly counts up days to a holiday, parents should not waste time in vain and to be engaged in its organization.


1. Take care of decoration of the dwelling. At the same time be guided not by own preferences, but the child's wishes even if the children's ideas will seem infantile. Balloons and confetti universal and quite appropriate decision.

2. Be engaged in the organization of competitions for guests. They should not be difficult. Their task to allow children to relax and have fun equally. It is not necessary to load them with the serious intellectual puzzles and tasks demanding to apply many forces for their performance. Prepare prizes for each child and take care of beautiful packing for them.

3. Show sharpness and organize an unusual party, for example, with carnival costumes. But, before it is worth consulting to parents invited whether also they are ready to go for similar expenditure, or to take care of suits for all.

4. Prepare interesting dishes and decorate them. As ware it is better to use paper sets with drawings of the heroes loved by children of cartoon serials and comics which for certain will please them.

5. Before celebration tell parents of the guests when the beginning of a party and in what time it will end is planned. It is important that you could plan time for preparation of a celebration and it would not be necessary to complete something in a hurry. Also thanks to your foresight, none of children will be upset that it was taken away sooner or later the others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team