How to recognize character of the person by handwriting

How to recognize character of the person by handwriting

The science a graphology is engaged in communication of handwriting with character of the person. It allows to determine by handwriting not only mind, but also emotionality level, will power, a self-assessment and many other qualities of the personality.

Features of writing of letters

According to handwriting experts, the extent of handwriting demonstrates sociability of the person. For example, the owner of bold hand without effort finds a common language with various people. It has, as a rule, many friends. Owners of small handwriting most often the closed and hidden people. Angular letters are inherent in selfish natures, and rounded off – to kind and sympathetic people.

Strong pressing of letters is sign of assiduity and will power. Pale, hardly noticeable letters are characteristic of the weak-willed person.

The calligraphical handwriting is inherent in obligatory, accurate, but dependent people. The correct handwriting – sign of tranquility and steadiness. Sprawling handwriting active, inquisitive natures, with cheerful nature usually have.

The illegible handwriting is characteristic of vigorous, carefree, but rather quick-tempered person. Conjoint handwriting (all letters in words are connected among themselves) – sign of the developed logical thinking. If not all letters in a word are connected with each other, perhaps, before you the person with a good intuition.

Features of fields and lines

Fields testify to the attitude of the person towards material values. Narrow fields - sign of thrift, wide – sign of generosity. If there is an expansion of region of fields to a bottom, so the person can be prodigal. And the narrowed left edge gives the greedy and avaricious person. As for lines, at optimists they usually rise from left to right, and at pessimists - fall. Direct lines are most often inherent in the quiet and judicious people possessing an objective view on the world. Wavy, uneven lines speak about cunning and dishonesty of their owner.

Features of the signature

The signature is of great importance. Sometimes it is possible to identify by it even undercover motives of the personality. Standard, rather simple signature speaks about self-confidence, courage. Florid it is inherent in cunning and observant people. The crossed-out signature confirms vigor and impulsiveness, and emphasized – sign of enterprise. The shy, closed in themselves people usually circle the signature (or at least several its letters) in a circle. The zigzag stroke gives the unbalanced person, a stroke in the form of line – emotional. The lack of a stroke characterizes the clever and prudent person. Also it must be kept in mind that the handwriting in various situations can change. Depends on the mood writing much.

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