Important points when choosing sports section for the child

Important points when choosing sports section for the child

Knows everyone about advantage of sport therefore most of parents try to write down the children in sports sections as soon as possible. The question of the choice of the sports direction can only seem to lungs at first sight. Very important with high degree of responsibility to consider this subject.


1. Before dreaming that your child will become the Olympic champion or the Master of Sports, think of process of achievement of such purposes. The sport if to do it seriously, will take practically all free time of the child. At once it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that you and the kid are waited by long trainings, numerous physical exercises and constant sports loads. In this case it is impossible to call a way to success a lung in any way. Besides, injuries, bruises and bruises - constant satellites of trainings.

2. Talk to the child. You should not impose to the kid the dreams or desires. If the child is indifferent to sport, then to force it to fall in love with trainings it will not turn out. The effect can be not only is opposite to your expectations, but also to spoil the relations with own child. Show small cunning. If, for example, your daughter wants to play soccer, and you see her the elegant figure skater, try to show all delights of the chosen sport. Beautiful dresses, a make-up, bright paints - all this will interest any girl. If the child does not give in to arrangements - be not overzealous with beliefs. It means that your child has an own dream and he is confident in it.

3. Do not try to select sports sections according to the principle ""near the house" "or" "it is convenient to take away from work"". Try to find out the maximum quantity of information on clubs and circles which are in your city. Study printing editions with announcements, check information on the Internet. Surely ask opinion of the child.

4. At once estimate the material resources. The situation when for the child the sport becomes meaning of life can turn out, and you will have no opportunity to finance this hobby. Dresses for dances, good sportswear and stock cost considerable money. In advance study also this information.

5. Do not forget about basic medical examination. Surely pass the commission on detection of possible diseases. Do not choose difficult and injury-causing sports at once. Success requires not only good physical condition and health, but also the minimum sports preparation. Besides, the child should be carried away sport, but not to force to carry out your desires.

6. Respect opinion of the child. If the kid refused to go on trainings, surely find out the reason and try to reach compromise. If the child does not like the chosen direction - try the hand in other sports. It is impossible to abuse the kid at all. Just advise it to consider the decisions more carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team