The list of the first things for the newborn

The list of the first things for the newborn

Till the birth of the kid future mothers begin to prepare for it given. If it is the first child in family, then it becomes frequent the choice of the first things for the newborn business rather difficult. It is possible to find various lists of what will be necessary for the kid at the beginning, but often in them there are a lot of excess things which just will not be useful to most of mothers.

1. Large purchases for a domadom everyone has the place for a dream. It surely is required to the kid. Initially it is possible to get a cradle for the newborn, however the child will very quickly grow up from it therefore purchase of a bed will become for the majority of couples an optimal solution. Best of all the kid will suit the most ordinary bed without pendulums and the other rocking to sleep devices (if you, of course, do not want to disaccustom then the child to night swings).

In a bed it is desirable to get sides that the newborn could not hit against walls. The canopy can be irreplaceable in the summer when the kid needs to be protected from importunate insects, in other season it fast will perform decorative function and to collect excess dust.

For a dream of the kid it will be necessary to buy a rigid mattress, two bedding sets, thin and warm blankets, an oilcloth on an elastic band. The pillow within the first year of life is not necessary to the child, the diaper folded in several layers successfully can carry out its role. In one or two months after the birth the kid will begin to learn actively the world around therefore in a bed it will be possible to set the musical mobile. It will be able to carry away the newborn for some time or even to help mom with its laying for the night. It is desirable for thing of the newborn to store separately from clothes of adult family members therefore existence in the room of a dresser will be useful. It can have a changing board in a set, so it will be convenient to future mom to change clothes of the kid and to carry out hygienic procedures. The sun bed or a swing for the child will become good acquisition in the first month of life. These devices can be carried with itself on the house that will allow mom to be engaged in affairs, without being separated from the kid. The main thing that these things had a horizontal position. Further the developing rug with toys can be useful to the child. During the wakefulness periods most of children will spend with pleasure in it time. <2. What is necessary for the newborn on progulkudlya walks on long distances and sound sleep in the fresh air not to do mom and the kid without carriage. In the first six months the child needs the cradle which is well protected from adverse weather conditions. In cold season it is convenient to wrap up the kid in a warm envelope on sheepskin. Esli is planned to transport the child by car, it is desirable that he was transformed to overalls with legs and had a possibility of fastening to a car seat which needs also to be got for safe transportation of the kid. Also newborn depending on weather the warm and thin hat, socks, the cotton clothes warmed (fleece or woolen) clothes is required. The baby sling.3 can be convenient for shopping and walks in warm season. Hygiene and health of the newborn: the list is required to a veshcheymalysh daily bathing. Until pupochek did not heal, it needs to be washed in own bath or a basin. At first soap is required to the kid only for a podmyvaniye, and for daily bathing it is better to use herbs (train, a camomile). After the water procedures the child can make massage with baby oil, to process a navel brilliant green or chlorfillipty. In the morning of the kid it is necessary to wash the cotton wool (cotton ball or a disk) moistened in warm boiled water. To be useful diapers, children's wet towel wipes, cream under a diaper for hygiene of the kid (it is possible to use ointment bepanten which mom will also be able to process nipples). It is not necessary to buy a heap of medications, it is better to gain the majority of means as required. Except the transferred funds, it is possible to add intestinal gripes medicine to a first-aid kit (plantex, sab a simplex, espumizan), temperatures (tsefekon, a children's nurofen), for washing of a nose (aquamaris).4. Feeding of a malyshayesla is planned breastfeeding, to mom can only the milk pump and a small small bottle is required (for water or the decanted milk). The milk pump is necessary for decantation in the period of the beginning and completion of breastfeeding and also if mom needs to leave and leave breast milk for the child. 5. The list of the first clothes of the newborn Esli is not planned swaddling, there will be 5-8 warm flannelette diapers enough. It is convenient to lay them in a bed often not to change bed linen, to wrap in them the kid after bathing, to spread at disguise. Many modern mothers consider the most comfortable clothes for the newborn slips and baud. Initially the child needs no more than 5-6 sets size 56. Large kids can at all not manage to wear such clothes if the big fruit is expected, then it is better to buy new things at once size 62. Also 3-4 pairs of socks, pair of hats will be necessary for the child. Here the list of the most necessary things, for ensuring comfort of mom and the kid in the first months after his birth was submitted. Depending on requirements and opportunities he can be added.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team