What interferes with harmonious development of young creation?

What interferes with harmonious development of young creation?

All mothers and fathers try to grow up the kid the healthy and clever person. Presently a large number of the children's centers for development of young creations opened. Bookstores offer a large number of literature by training of younger generation. However mothers and fathers all the same ask a question of how it is necessary to bring up the child. They wish that the child achieved achievements in life. But quite often apply incorrect methods of education of the offspring.

As a rule, adults continually say to the kid that he has to become the first pupil in a class that later leavings school without problems to arrive on the chosen faculty. Naturally, mothers and fathers at the same time are guided by the best motives. However it is necessary to remember that young creation has to develop comprehensively. The overwhelming number of adults practically does not understand psychology of the child. Therefore there is nothing surprising that many mothers and fathers make various mistakes.

What? As we know, some women constantly compare children to children of the acquaintances. For example, the lady tells the friend about what her son learned to read for very short time. And that about herself sighs on the fact that her daughter hates books.

In the described incident it is necessary to remember that each young creation develops differently. Let's say now the kid does not wish even to look at books, and after a while he will be interested in some story then he will constantly ask adults that those bought more books.

If you want your child as soon as possible to learn to read, then have to acquire for him some interesting book.

However keep in mind that kid it is not enough only to teach to read. He needs to develop both physically, and spiritually. Useful will be to write down him in sports section.

The kid also has to be interested in plants and animals. Books will help you to give him the main knowledge of other states. Surely teach to understand young creation the current fashion.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of mothers and fathers look at the child as the debtor. Many children should hear the following from mothers: "I could not marry repeatedly only because you constantly were ill. And you leave me during week-end".

Some mothers are not able to teach the kid of to serve. What can be told concerning it? The child gradually will learn to do sooner or later all. However you should not straighten out him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team