When to give the first pocket money

When to give the first pocket money

Many experts consider that the first money for own is necessary to the child it is worth giving at the age of seven years. They can help out, for example, at school when the child wanted to buy food in addition. Whether so it?

As a rule, many children to this age already understand what is money for what they are necessary and by what hard work they can be earned. The kid has to understand that money is not on a silver platter therefore and it is necessary to spend them in the special purposes. When mom or dad give to the pupil a money, they have to designate for what term they gave this sum and what they should be spent for.

If suddenly it happened so that the child will spend everything before term, at the same time for something absolutely useless, then parents should tell that extra money they will not allow and to explain a cause of failure.

At the same time you should not abuse the child, he has to just understand that expenditure of money – it was his choice and now it is necessary to wait some time for the following delivery.

What will the child as a result understand?

The most important that the child will begin to appreciate by what work parents earn finance. Let mom or dad will explain that there is no work at which it is possible to do nothing and at the same time to receive large sums.

Also the kid will acquire that in money there has to be an order. If a certain sum is planned for something, then to you it is not necessary to spend it for something less necessary.

Besides, the school student will begin to handle carefully money and will cease to waste them. Before each new purchase he will begin to make the choice for more important. Perhaps, he will want to save for some grandiose gift for himself, but parents cannot indulge and buy to the kid everything that he will wish while at this time it saves. It has money and he has the right to dispose of them.

Thanks to such decisions the kid learns to be independent, and understanding of that what work helps to make a right choice to him this money is earned.

Home council

Before issue of pocket money the parents have to discuss thoroughly with the child on what they are given in what size and for how many days. It is desirable not to sponsor the kid every day, otherwise money for him will depreciate. It is better to give a certain sum for two-three days.

Also parents should not ask on what at the school student all money left. If the child trusts mom and dad, then he will tell everything. It is necessary to discuss an issue of money quietly and without reproaches.

Parents help the kid at a stage of growing, independence and responsibility. The less they will control the school student, the will be quieter and more comfortable to him in family. Children feel it and try not to bring the family.

Also parents should not encourage the child for good progress with money because he will go to school only for the sake of money, but not for the sake of knowledge. And as a result the school student will do everything only with a payment condition. It concerns not only schools.

As well as in any other question, in such situation the main thing to know when to stop. The love is shown not only in money or gifts. It consists in the relation, support and care. It is important to remember it to each parent. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team