When to give to the child a pillow

When to give to the child a pillow

Adults sleep on a pillow therefore they often think that to the child without it will sleep very inconveniently. But, it appears, such care is not necessary at all to the kid since children up to two years can well sleep also without pillow. At such age the pillow can become even dangerous therefore it is desirable for parents to listen to councils of pediatricians.


1. What does the danger of use of a pillow to the child up to two years consist in? Absolutely tiny kid cannot turn over in a dream independently and if it lies on a pillow facedown, then can choke. For this reason it is not recommended to put a pillow under the child's head and furthermore to lay over them from all directions. Near the sleeping kid surely there has to be a free space and if he wants to turn, has to interfere nothing with it.

2. If at early age to give to the child a pillow, then there is a threat of a curvature of a backbone. It is known that for the first two years of life the kid has a formation of bends of a backbone, and early application of a pillow can influence their correct formation. Adults also should not forget about some features of a children's organism. The kid has a head in relation to a body more than at the adult therefore without pillow his head and a neck I will exactly lie, regardless of that as he turns. The correct position of a backbone is very important for a healthy sleep of the child.

3. If you decided to buy after all a pillow for the kid, then pediatricians advise to buy a special pillow with an inclination. Its tilt angle about thirty degrees. At such form the head of the child will be above his tummy, it will facilitate its breath and will reduce the frequency of vomiting of the kid. It is important not to forget that the pillow of such form needs to be enclosed under all body of the kid, and not just under the head. The same effect can be reached, having lifted edges of a children's matrasik if it does not cave in. Still the advantage of anatomic pillows for kids is not proved. It is desirable to apply them only on medical indications and appointment of the children's doctor.

4. Pediatricians recommend to give a pillow to children only since two years, at the same time parents need to approach responsibly its choice. It has to have a flat form and sufficient width. The sizes of a pillow have to be such that the child did not slide during sleep from it. The option when the pillow has bed width is considered ideal. It is necessary to pay attention and to what filler will be in a pillow. Synthetic materials are considered as the best option. First, they do not cause allergies in the child, secondly, such pillows are elastic and resistant to a sminaniye. Synthetic pillows are easy, through them well there passes air, and in such pillows ticks are not got. Today there are many options of the choice of pillows, but buying a pillow for the child, it is very important to remember that its main task is a maintenance of cervical department of a backbone of the child, but not drowning softness under the head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team