Where to find sand for a children's sandbox

Where to find sand for a children's sandbox

Sand for a children's sandbox can be used both career and river, and quartz. Therefore it can be got in hardware store or the organization selling construction materials. The main thing that it underwent the corresponding cleaning and its quality corresponded to GOST.

Sometimes, for safety, vigilant mothers do not allow the kids to play in a sandbox in the playground. Their fears can be understood as, having filled a box with sand once, local authorities do not take the responsibility for its purity at all. But what for the childhood without a game with sand?! It is possible to provide the game place with a sandbox on a personal plot if the family possesses that, but then there is other question – where to find the sand for a sandbox meeting all standards.

Requirements to sand for children's sandboxes

It is necessary to tell that sand acquisition not a problem, only not everyone is suitable for childish sports. Before looking for coordinates of the organizations or individuals who are engaged in sand delivery it is necessary to decide on a question – to what it is necessary. Quartz, as a rule, do not use for childish sports though in respect of radioactivity it is also safe, as well as all other types of sand. The reason is in its high price. It is received by method of crushing of natural quartz, and for the purpose of use for children's sandboxes also calcinated in the course of production, saving thereby from potentially dangerous bacteria and impurity. Career sand is the natural education got during destruction of rocky rocks. The purified sand from a pit is quite suitable for a sandbox, admissible amount of impurity of clay in it 2% are considered. The third popular version is presented by river sand which is extracted from a bottom of natural reservoirs. It is considered the most preferable to children's entertainments though to believe that only river is suitable for a sandbox, incorrectly. Any of the listed versions can be used for games of children. Everything depends on the size of fractions and degree of purity.

Whom to address for purchase

All acquisition of sand at the private trader will cost cheaper, only hardly it will provide documents on the offered goods. It is the best of all to address large producer which will confirm quality of sand with the corresponding certificate. Sand for a sandbox has to correspond to GOST P 52301k2004 by which the sizes of particles should not be less than 0.2 and more than 2 – x mm. However experts claim that even 0, 2 melkovata. They easily rise in air at the slightest breeze and can get into airways. More trust causes alluvial sand as it the cleanest also does not contain clay impurity in parents, however the perfect exception of particles of clay is undesirable too. From such sand it will not be possible to stick together any sand figure. You should not be afraid to address to the construction organizations, many of them have available except construction sand and sand for children's sandboxes. Of course, not all agree to deliver it in small quantities, but many with pleasure render such service. Volume of ton should not frighten too, only 1 CBM of crude sand weighs 1.5 tons. On one sandbox of the average size to be necessary not less than 2 cubes. If a sandbox absolutely small, then it is always possible to cooperate with neighbors and to bring good, clean sand for the child's games. Acquisition in hardware store is the option guaranteeing existence of the certificate too. It is simpler to that who lives at the river to extract sand independently. Only it is better to sift it when dries.

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