Where to give children's second-hand things

Where to give children's second-hand things

Every time, touching cases with children's things, mothers are surprised how kids quickly grow! And the most important what now to do with clothes which became small. Especially, if there are no younger brothers and sisters ready to adopt fashionable relay. If the clothes are still ready to serve not one child, it is possible to find several options how to clean cases with benefit.


1. Find charity foundations which are engaged in the help to orphan children, to needy and large families. There is a lot of such funds, you will always find information on them in the Internet. Funds which help orphan children accept a kidswear till 42-44 of the size. Things at the same time have to be in very good condition, without spots, with buttons and the working lightnings. It is better to give warm outerwear after a dry-cleaner. Pay attention that it is impossible to give to orphan institutions the underwear (pants, undershirts, socks, tights) which was in the use, towels and bed linen.

2. If you give things to the fund helping needy, can offer them and adult things, toys, ware, books and office. Such help is useful in social shelters and services which supervise needy families.

3. Learn if in your area the Complex center of social service. The staff of the center accepts any things which distribute then to persons in need in the help.

4. If to a thing at you good or expensive firms, try to give them on realization to second-hand. Such shops exist in many large cities now. The usual second-hand accepts things under certain conditions for limited term. At sale of your thing the shop takes itself the fixed stipulated percent.

5. If your purpose not profit, but desire to help children, carry things in charitable shop. Such shops are created with assistance of charity foundations and profit on sale of things goes for realization of charity programs. Such shops take things free of charge (or for very symbolical payment) and sell or in an auction format, or at retail.

6. Look for resources on which things give for nothing on the Internet or change. Such communities are in LiveJournal, at forums of the female websites. You can not just give things, and exchange on something useful to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team