Why children have defects of the speech

Why children have defects of the speech

Modern children often suffer from various defects of the speech: stutter, muffled diction, the ingestion of separate sounds complicated by pronunciation of sounds and words. It is sometimes connected with physiology, for example, congenital articulation changes of organs of articulation. But most often problems and difficulties of pronunciation are connected with development of the child, its psychological state.

Congenital pathologies can be corrected, having addressed experts. But if problems with the speech are connected with mental development and psychological state of the kid then already much depends on adults, their behavior and knowledge of features of development of the child.

Parents are formalists: insistence generates fear

One of the most often found reasons of the wrong speech development – too exacting and strict parents. The child can play pranks, about, make rash acts. Such is its nature which it is difficult for kid "to overcome". Having made something that can not be pleasant to mom and dad, the prankster begins to worry, worry. The alarm before forthcoming "dismantling" develops into fear. When there comes explanation time with relatives, the kid, worrying and worrying, begins "to choke" (the intense emotional state causes a rapid pulse, lips, language begin to dry). The wrong breath – the first sign and a symptom of the complicated speech. So there is stutter.

The loving parents are pooshchritel of infantility

In some families it is paid to children too much attention. It can be caused by the different reasons. The child can be the long-awaited firstborn or, on the contrary, late at the aging parents. The son or the daughter at too loving parents become the general favourites indulged and whimsical. Their behavior reminds behavior of small children even if to them 15 years. Infantile children are whining, their mood often changes. They not only behave as small, but also talk as small. The baby talk and "children's" intonations are peculiar to them.

Parents workaholics – a popustitelsky method of education

Many problems with the speech at children would be warned if the parents living the work and everyday adversities took care of the children more often. It concerns not only those who spend too much time at work, but in general all parents who are not paying (for various reasons) attention to the children.

Logopedists say that it is easier to prevent many defects of the speech, than to cure. It is enough to listen to the child, to be interested in his problems, cares, to find out the reasons of his fears. The speech development is directly connected with personal development of the kid, with its psychological state.

Talk to children

Children learn to speak, imitating adults. Therefore it is necessary to talk, be able to listen, to learn with them all the time to listen to another. Talk to children not in a hurry, kind of by the way. Talk slowly, tenderly, often calling different objects, calling a subject different synonyms. Use in a conversation with the child of a proverb and a saying, beautiful comparisons and metaphors.

You should not be obsessed with sounds, the kid is not successful in which yet, too. Otherwise you will force the child to be confused and feel the imperfection. Especially do not repeat after it "clumsy" words. If the child (intentionally or not) pronounced a word incorrectly, repeat this word once again, but it is already correct. Unconsciously children imitate adults, and the kid will seek for right pronunciation.

The main thing to have patience on the way of mastering the child of the correct speech.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team