Why men offer women friendship

Why men offer women friendship

The question of friendship between the man and the woman appeared not now and even not yesterday. Women are perplexed why men offer them the friendship. However even to such strange offer there will be the explanation.

Friendship existence

Experts are inclined to consider that the concept "friendship" does not exist. Between certain people certain relations are had. These relations are also called traditionally friendship.

Cynically adjusted people consider that such relations exist, but only between two women or men. However friendship between the man and the woman does not happen. They consider that the woman is necessary for the man only for definite purposes, for example, in order that she kept order in the house, erased and removed. The woman can act as the mistress or the wife, but not as the friend in any way. Ladies just do not understand for what purposes and why in general it is necessary to the man the female friend.

Friendship between the man and the woman

Actually, men can really get with the woman the friendly relations without any sexual implication. The fact is that to the man likewise as well as the woman, there is a wish to share the grief, it is possible even "to cry" on someone's shoulder, to complain of the health, even to discuss some melodrama or the girlfriend. Yes, also such men meet, and, they are not a rarity. Naturally, in the collective each man "will maintain the reputation", to show the coolness. Of course, and in purely men's collective there are discussions on "Woman silly woman". But men do not discuss in details this issue. On the other hand, in the same men's company it is impossible to discuss an issue of what to present to the girlfriend or the wife, what to make that the pleasant woman paid attention to his person. It is possible not only to discuss all these things with the female friend, but also to get a practical advice. At the same time, the man can not be afraid of the fact that the woman to whom he entrusted some secret or asked for suggestions can tell all that she knows. The fact is that flatters any woman when her men address for council, especially. Therefore that woman whom the man chose as the friend till the last moment will keep that secret which to it was entrusted. In return the girl can ask for suggestions the stronger friend on any question at any time too. The man who wants to see in the friend's woman pursues one more aim. To him it is very important that ladies in general think of men and of concrete copies separately. It is important to man to know also about that as as the woman will undertake in some certain cases. It turns out that thanks to such friendly relations, the guy finally acquires invaluable knowledge which helps it to build up further the relationship with representatives of an opposite sex.

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