As long the websites are indexed by search engines

As long the websites are indexed by search engines

Creation of the website is only the beginning. In order that people learned about a web resource, it is necessary to report to search engines about the new website. Therefore it is extremely important to know how there is an indexation, what is the time it borrows and also what factors promote indexation acceleration, or slow down it.

What is indexation

When you only created the website, nobody knows about it, except you. Such web resource is not too useful. In order that other people learned about it, it needs to be untwisted. One of ways of promotion - search engines. In order that the search engine learned about your website, it is necessary to add your web resource in a special way. Searchers can learn about it and, but this process will borrow much more time.

The concept of indexation is an entering of pages of the website into base of the search engine.

As there is an indexation

Each system of search possesses the robot. But it is not the physical robot, and only the program which scans the Internet and finds links to the new websites. The web developer by means of special tags and also by means of the robots.txt file can limit access to robots. In this case the pages which got to restriction will not be indexed.

Adding the website to base of the search engine, you only let know that there was a new website. But it does not mean at all that it will be at once indexed.

What is the time indexation borrows

It is unambiguously impossible to answer this question. Some websites are indexed within several hours, indexation of others can take up to 2 weeks.

If references to the indexed website are had on resources which are already untwisted, then pages will be included in the index quicker. Often it occurs during a couple of hours.

The same will occur if the website already is in search and is rather untwisted, and you added a new page to the website.
Competent relinking will promote indexation acceleration too. The term "relinking" means that links to pages should conduct cross at each other, but not in a chaotic order and as it would be convenient to the user of the website.

If the indexed resource only begins the existence in Network, then time of indexation depends mainly on the search engine. It, of course, provided that the website is made competently in terms of imposition and maintenance.

Loss from search

If the website is indexed, it is not a guarantee yet that it in base of the search engine it will be constant. The last have certain rules and regulations. If the web resource at some point begins to violate these rules, then a part of its pages or all of them can be gone from the search engine. In this case the user who is looking for information on this specific website will find nothing.


Indexation is the difficult process depending on a set of factors. It is possible to affect duration of indexation, having competently made the robots.txt file and having executed some other actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team