How to buy with ebay

How to buy with ebay

It is very frequent it is more favorable to make purchases in online stores, than in retail: the attractive prices, fast delivery, a refund guarantee in case of dissatisfaction of the client. eBay – one of the largest trading floors where it is possible to find goods for every taste. It is not limited to a framework of domestic market, orders go from any place in the world and to all parts of the world. To make purchases on eBay, it is necessary to consider several moments.

It is required to you

  • - cash card


1. First of all, you need to open on the name the card of the international standard (Visa, MasterCard) in any bank. All payments on eBay are made through PayPal. Funds write-off in this system is made from the checked cash card which "becomes attached" to your account on eBay. In other words, you should register in PayPal, enter the data and specify number of the cash card.

2. After that it is possible to be registered also on eBay trading floor. For this purpose it is necessary to open the homepage of eBay ( and to use the button link "Register" in the window upper left corner. Following instructions, enter personal data and confirm registration on a resource, having followed the link which came to you to e-mail.

3. Having confirmed registration, become authorized on a resource of eBay, using the login and the password. In the window upper left corner where your name appeared, press the button with an arrow and select the Settings of the Account item in the menu. On the opened page select the section "PayPal account" in the left part. In the field "Data of Your PayPal Account" click "Bind", - you will appear on the page of authorization of a resource of PayPal. Enter under the account, and your account on PayPal will be connected with the account on eBay.

4. Return to the partition "Settings of the Account" into eBay and select the Addresses item. Check data in the field "Delivery address". If it is necessary, correct them and the sokhrany made changes. After that it is possible to pass directly to purchases.

5. Selecting goods, pay attention not only to the price and the description of goods, but also to the rating of the seller. If it rather high (98-99% and above), so the seller proved from the good party: it collects in time and sends orders, is ready to settlement in case of dissatisfaction of the client.

6. Before putting goods in a basket, make sure that the supplier sends goods to your country. These data are specified in the Sending field - "The country of delivery". If everything suits you, click "Buy Now". When in a basket there are all goods necessary for you, confirm the order, following pop-up instructions, and pay it (readdressing on PayPal happens to eBay in the automatic mode). After obtaining the order leave a comment about work of the seller through the My EBay menu - "The history of purchases".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team