How to change website heading

How to change website heading

Site content and its heading later time can come into conflict. And then the name of the website is required to be changed, having brought into accord with subject directly on a resource.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet, access to website contents.


1. If your priorities exchanged, and it affected website subjects, surely reflect changes in heading. Selecting the new name, plan that the name of the website could become a brand if not world then for regular readers of a resource. Generally, "as you will call the yacht, so it also will float".

2. Decide whether it is necessary to bring a domain name into accord with heading. In it there is no need if they suit one another. By the way, consider it at selection of the new title. It is more difficult to change the domain. Besides it connects the website with visitors.

3. Replace heading on the website. Modern free platforms and various designers for creation of the websites, as a rule, have the simple visual management which is not requiring language skills of programming. Come into the control panel of the website as the administrator.

4. Find on the opened page a tab which is called "Parameters" or "Settings", or "General". And there look for a window "The name of the website" where it is possible to enter the text.

5. Enter the new name to this window. Surely click saving which on different web engines is named differently – "Save", "Publish", "Update".

6. Check whether it managed to you to change website heading. Pass to the homepage of the website or update it.

7. In some design templates the text role heading is played by the picture with the name logo.png. Prepare new and assign it the same name. Change the old picture for again made in the code of the website. For this purpose it is necessary to have some idea of web programming.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team